Facebook Messenger for iPhone updated with instant photo, video sharing

Facebook has updated its Messenger application to enable instant sharing of photos and videos right from the conversation windows.

The latest update to Facebook Messenger brings the version number of the application to 5.0 and is currently available from the iTunes store. The major change in Messenger 5.0 is the ability to snap a photo without leaving the conversation window and sharing it directly with the contact. However, as Engadget has mentioned, the image snapped cannot be previewed before sending and can be a problem for users.

Other changes in the application include the ability to send videos directly from the Camera Roll. Additionally, received videos can now be viewed directly from the conversation. Stickers, group messaging, voice chats and search have received minor updates to improve functionality of the chat application.

It was reported recently, that Facebook will be ditching built-in chat functionality from its applications across all platforms in favor of Facebook Messenger and this is probably the first step towards improving the overall experience provided by the application to users.Currently, the updated application is only available for the iPhone, but similar to previous releases, the Android update may not be too far.

Source: iTunes via Engadget | Image via Apple

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I more was referring to the layout and/or design. Hey I'd be all for Facebook doing away with What's App... it only makes sense.

The messenger app has had the instant photo sharing for multiple weeks already.... I've had it before today's update.

Uh, WTF?

I know I'm REALLY behind on the Facebook thing (I actively avoided it for years) but I got the facebook messenger on my android wifi tablet after google wouldn't let me install any other chat program people actually used. You've been able to send photos and videos straight from a conversation in the app the whole time I've had it. At the very least since they added the calling features.

First thing I used it for was sending pics. This article is stupid.

And just in case anyone wants to be further ridiculous, these features are also available on the WP facebook messenger app.

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