Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated to use less data

Facebook has updated its popular messaging application for Windows Phone. The latest Messenger update will bring the version number of the app to 5.0 and include a couple of new features and important performance updates. 

With Messenger relying solely on data as its means to communicate, it is important for the application to be as efficient as possible. With the new update, Messenger will begin caching images, like stickers, to reduce the amount of data that is being used during a conversation. 

For those who love to take photos, Messenger will now allow you to take pictures and share them in one tap. Gone are the days where users had to exit the application, instead you will now be able to use the app's built-in camera. A new gallery feature has been added that will give you quick access and the ability to share all your precious moments.

Lastly, Messenger will now have a new groups tab that will allow you to manage people on your list. These groups are fully customizable with the ability to add friends, co-workers, and family. 

The updated version of Facebook Messenger can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

Source : Windows Phone Blog

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before this, facebook app was SEVERELY crippled to the the point of just being a simple text program. Glad they updated it to be on par with the IOS and Android version.

Why is this necessary? All Facebook messages already come to me in the messages app (just like texts)... or is this a WP8.1 thing only?

It's necessary because you can't do 'everything' in the messages hub in WP8, and furthermore, because that basic functionality is no longer currently available in WP8.1

What can't you do?

I don't understand why Windows 8.1 didn't just provide an API so that other messaging services could easily integrate with Messages... so you could get the same results only in a more open fashion where the apps can be updated independently of the OS (and new apps added as needed).

pmbAustin said,
Why is this necessary? All Facebook messages already come to me in the messages app (just like texts)... or is this a WP8.1 thing only?

or the facebook app proper.

in 8.1 this integration is removed. its moving away from this approach to moving more towards separate apps that can link in via API's if they want, the reason is updating as the messaging hub is an OS level item that can only be updated via firmware updates.

I liked the old way, but the new way is not a problem.