Facebook opens up to OpenID

Facebook has stepped forward and joined OpenID with a growing number of popular web sites that have recently joined OpenID. Up till now, Facebook has only allowed third-party developers to access user's data strictly through its own proprietary standards.

OpenID allows users who have never before been on a web site with OpenID to allow that person to login using their Facebook account, but for now Facebook hasn't released details if they will let people login using their Facebook account details, but only mentioned they will support OpenID.

"It is our hope that we can take the success of Facebook Connect and work together with the community to build easy-to-use, safe, open and secure distributed identity frameworks for use across the Web." Mike Schroepfer, Facebook engineering director, said in the company's developer blog.

This could mean that OpenID might only work in Facebook Connect, the only method up till now that allows third-party connections to work with Facebook.

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