Facebook reaches 140 million users

Facebook has recently hit a milestone when they reached 140 million signed up users. The statistics are quite astounding when you look at them, over 600 thousand users are signing up a day which has grown from the 300 thousand that were signing up in the last quarter and if the growth continues it will mean by March next year Facebook may have over 200 million users. Some other facts that Facebook have released mention that an average user has over 100 friends on the social networking site and that around the world over 2.6 billion minutes are spent on the site a day.

Applications are now more popular then ever with over 700 million photos uploaded to the site a month and over 4 million videos shared. As for International usage the facts show that over 70% of Facebook usage is outside of the United States and its good thing that 35 translations are available with more on the way. To cope with the massive influx of users Facebook are looking at the way they use memcached and making it so it can give back 200,000 UCP requests a second.

You can check the rest statistics over at Facebook

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It's really a shame that all these new users can't see Facebook when it was actually fun to use. They are subject to the new garbage heap system and will never know that Facebook used to be a joy to use. As already posted, they are all about quantity, not quality. After all, the more people that are exposed to those "enhancements" (advertising) the more money in their pocket. Who cares about anything else?

WooHoo!!! said,
I'm not one of them, Woot. Keep getting told to join but must resist.

Um, why, exactly? Just so you can be different to everyone else?

How many are spammers?.
How many are dupes?.
How many are people that followed the hype, then created a account and nothing else?.
How many facebook user are former (or current) myspace user?.
How many "new users" are nothing but a trick used by Facebook to increase the value?.

IMHO Facebook currently is selling the concept of quantity over quality.