Facebook reaches out to users about policies

Facebook is following up on recent news about them changing their Terms of Service, with a backlash from users worldwide in an uproar about Facebook owning people's content, than an update to revert back to the old Terms of Service.

Facebook's new introduction includes "Facebook Principles" and "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities". The Principals serves as the guiding framework behind any policy Facebook considers, or the reason for not considering others. The second Statement of Rights and Responsibilities will replace the existing Terms of Service.

Before Facebook makes any of these documents official, they are looking for user's feedback and comments on the new changes. There are also groups about either policy on Facebook to voice your opinion directly to the Facebook team.

With a costly mistake last time that could have cost Facebook the race for dominance in the social networking game. It doesn't come as a surprise that Facebook is reaching out to users for feedback before making any changes that could critically damage the company's reputation.

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I'm in two minds about this whole thing. It goes without saying that claiming something is theirs forever to use however they wish is wrong, but on the other hand, are they likely to use your lads' holiday or friday night **** up photos in an ad campaign of theirs?

Facebook is a massively popular service for a reason. It does what anyone would want it to very well. So I'll be keeping my account until a challenger appears with near-identical features but a better TOS.

I deleted upon reading the changes for the first time, lodged my worries with them in the leaving reason box. And am not planning on re-activating anytime soon.

It's good I think that they are doing this, but their claims that they were never claiming ownership in any form over your content with those controversial TOS just don't ring true.

At least all the uproar about the issue has got them thinking. Maybe they will come up with TOS that actually do respect their users in the way they claim.

What this really means is: "We still own your content forever, we just want you to word it so we don't have to put up with your whining." *rolls eyes*

Makes me laugh how little people actually understand the original TOS change... People really think they are important enough to have a conspiracy lodged against them. Geez.

One of the questions about our new terms of use is whether Facebook can use this information forever. When a person shares something like a message with a friend, two copies of that information are created—one in the person's sent messages box and the other in their friend's inbox. Even if the person deactivates their account, their friend still has a copy of that message. We think this is the right way for Facebook to work, and it is consistent with how other services like email work. One of the reasons we updated our terms was to make this more clear.


I don't recall Facebook asking for input on forcing people out of old Facebook and onto the disgraceful incompetence known as 'New Facebook'.

It's almost like they don't really care! And why would they? The service is free, if people don't like it, they can go elsewhere.


Actually you're wrong. They were asking for feedback and input for months on "new facebook".

They just totally ignored everything everyone had to say, went with their own vision, and implemented it anyway despite backlash.

@C_Guy -

3 million members in that group, 175 million members on Facebook ;)

Facebook did ask for users input in the 'new' Facebook and they did listen. I sent a fair bit of feedback to Facebook through the "Send Feedback" button and even a few months before the public betas and they changed loads of things I suggested they change.

You make it sound like everybody hates the 'new', much more efficient, much more feature-packed, Facebook... That is simply not the case.