Facebook redesigns Gifts and removes physical gifts in the process

Almost a year ago, Facebook launched Gifts as we know it for the first time -- a new feature on the social network that allowed friends to send real, physical gifts to other friends through the website or mobile app to be delivered to the recipient. The selection of gifts ranged from gift cards to candy baskets to household decorations to phone accessories. Starting yesterday, however, that era of Gifts is over as Facebook begins rolling out its new version dominated entirely by gift cards.

After finding out that that physical gifts represented only 20 percent of sales, Facebook decided to axe them with the version of Gifts that's rolling out as you read this. Gone are the page overlays that would appear when you'd click to give a gift to someone. In place is a landing page for all gifts, plus businesses can get their own individual pages of gifts which means it'll be easier for them to share and promote their own products available on Facebook.

Suitably for Facebook, it will now provide gift recommendations to you based on your friends' habits on the website like check-ins, etc. It will intelligently figure out your friends' favorite brands and shops and give you a gentle nudge in those directions. Some businesses will offer gift card codes redeemable immediately online, while others will send out a Facebook gift card in the mail branded specifically and available only for use at that business.

Overall it looks like a step up. Some people will miss the ability to send friends physical gifts; I personally have sent cookies and guitar picks out from Facebook Gifts. Gift cards are almost always appreciated though, as are the recommendations Facebook gives to the people sending them.

Source: TechCrunch

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DrakeN2k said,
send them cash with a note saying "have a coffee on me!"
Hard to do when I'm in Hawai'i and they're not. Its very much a thing done on a whim.

Shiranui said,
What if they don't fancy a coffee?

Well, I've done Amazon, iTunes, and Audible gifts before, albeit not from Facebook.

Shiranui said,
What if they don't fancy a coffee?

well if they give you a gift card in a place you never get stuff at. equally pointless.

DrakeN2k said,

well if they give you a gift card in a place you never get stuff at. equally pointless.

Indeed. It is all pointless.


Gift cards!

They're like cash, but much more limited, and with an expiration date.

Gift cards!

Trade all your old unused cash for our new gift cards NOW!

Everyone knows gift cards are useless. They expire and you get nothing, or you can't get change when you buy something less than the full value, and worst of all, they are LIMITED to a specific store or chain.

If you want to give money, give CASH.

I get change for gift cards here in NL cause it resembles currency and has to be treated as such.
Whenever I get gift cards I usually spend it on the least expensive thing I can find unless it has something I'm actually looking for.

nub said,
Not in Canada they don't.

In the US, Gift cards must not expire for 5 years.

Depends on the terms of the card. Some do impose a fee after a certain timeframe although they don't tend to expire.