Facebook reportedly launching revamped news feed with Instagram integration, content sections

On Thursday, Facebook will announce its overhaul of the social network's news feed, and a new report indicates that unveiling will include content-specific section segregation as well as integration with Instagram and other apps.

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Facebook's overhauled news feed will focus on ways to filter content. This will range from a news feed specifically for photos (featuring Instagram integration) to a feed for music (likely integrating with services such as Spotify and Rdio) along with similar dedicated feeds for other content.

Another aspect of the revamp will include larger-resolution photos than those currently displayed in the news feed; social advertisements will benefit from the change as they too will also appear larger, as will posts from a user's liked pages. As a result, ads will be "more vivid and noticeable," the report states, although it does not expand upon any changes beyond the size of the ads.

Sources told TechCrunch that a revamped mobile news feed in Facebook's mobile apps likely won't be part of the initial launch of the overhauled interface. Facebook has traditionally launched new features on its desktop website before launching them in mobile apps and website.

Facebook's Thursday event will be attended by several media outlets, which it invited to "come see a new look for News Feed." The event will take place 10 a.m. local time at the company's California headquarters.

Since its initial public offering last year, Facebook has quickly begun testing new features and has also launched the recently announced Graph Search in beta form as well as some smaller updates. The company also used the IPO to help close its purchase of Instagram.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Facebook

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So it'll be announced tomorrow and released... when...
Facebook is awesome at announcing features. But I'm still waiting for Graph Search here.

I'm looking forward to a new news feed though. The current one feels stale and not at all in touch with how I use the network. Google+ looks much better to me. One thing I'd like to see is larger posts from my friends and smaller posts from my liked pages.

hmm. something FB has needed for like 5 years or so now.. a way to filter out everyone games posts. i wonder how they are still going to botch this one up.

Oh god. Not another change for people to whinge about until they realise that it's actually a better design.

On Thursday afternoon millions of twitter messages, facebook groups and disgruntled whiners on every news outlet shouting "DOWN WITH THE NEW NEWS FEED! WE WANT THE OLD ONE"

You heard it here first.

Now with moar privacy violations!!

These guys make google's privacy invasion tactics look amateur.

thenonhacker said,
But Google is worse, they promised "Don't Be Evil" and they are the most Evil company ever!

I think you might need to redefine your definition of evil if you place Google above Union Carbide India Limited or any one of hundreds of companies that are a lot more "evil" in most reasonable peoples eyes.