Facebook revises privacy policy, location features coming soon?

The deputy general counsel for Facebook, Michael Richter, announced in a posting that Facebook would be revising their privacy policy again, and giving users a chance to provide feedback on some of the purposed changes.

The post talks about location sharing, which would add a location to something a user posts.  This was Facebook’s original intent, but has since changed to the concept of adding a “Place”, such as a page to a restaurant.  This is a concept that Facebook is currently testing on some individuals, using QR Codes.

QR Codes can be read through a mobile phone, using its camera.  The QR Code can hold information that will be either retrieved in a readable format, or included as a hyperlink to website.

Facebook also mentioned it will be revising its sharing and connection settings, where users either become a fan of a page, opening a two-way connection between the user and the fan page.  When a user shares a photo or link on their page, this opens a one-way connection between friends, but Facebook will be making this clearer by giving the user control over the privacy settings.

Facebook is also revising their applications and third-party websites, which currently allows users to interact with their Facebook friends outside of the website.  Currently, this requires small amounts of information to function, and Facebook said they will be updating their privacy settings to give users more control over what information is sent.

However, Facebook is also planning to introduce a small set of pre-approved websites that will be able to offer users a more personalized experience when users visit their website.  The post mentions that these select group of partners would be able to access features only available to them.

Facebook’s proposed privacy policy mentions that if a friend visits one of these selected websites, general information about you and your friend will be collected.  If both of you have an account on the website, your friend can be connected with you.  Facebook does have an opt-out program available when this launches.

Users are asked to read the proposed changes to their privacy policy, and provide feedback before 12:00am PDT on April 3, 2010.

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Yep. Articles like this make me glad I'm off Facebook for good.

Still waiting for The Great Facebook Implosion / The Great FaceFail. A special virus for everyone with a Facebook account? A worldwide Facebook account privacy hack? We shall see...

This isn't about 'location features'. Facebook wants compulsary "Facebook Connect". As in, making all your *private* data accessible to all the websites you visit while logged into facebook.

People "don't notice" because they're largely ignorant of all the pro-Corporate changes that companies shove in their faces. It's like the draconian ACTA meetings - how many people actually know about it?

Well the original Facebook had location features, it would write in a profile when that person last loggined and whether it was "from campus" or not, I guess based on IP addresses

lol at people thinking there was Every any privacy on FB, or any of these other sites.
It's the internet, it's public, get used to it. Don't want the information out there, don't use the net.

Opt-in is a bad idea, as you said most don't notice. Don't notice == Don't Care. ( if they did they would read the little msg telling them about the changes. )

Well, what about the change they did when they decided to make your friends list visible to all of your friends without giving you any chance to opt-out or even mentioning that they did it ? and giving everybody to have fun "random adding" your friends and knowing about them ? and I believe this is not the only change FB did "silently".

Osirus23 said,
No kidding. Facebook is for sheep.

Facebook (or any other social networking tool) would be pretty useless if not many people used it. The telegram, letters, phones, mobiles etc. are all the same.

However the app additions to facebook are just annoying, especially igetting nvites, but at least you can block invites from specific people, or block them about certain apps. So its tolerable at least.

WooHoo!!! said,
How about opt-in you sneaky lot!

Stop using this opt-out cover, you know most don't notice these things.


I'm trying to think of the last time I saw Facebook news that was good and actually improved the service. If I want people to know where I am...well, there is a status update box for that.

WooHoo!!! said,
Stop using this opt-out cover, you know most don't notice these things.

Yes, I imagine they are counting on it.

WooHoo!!! said,
How about opt-in you sneaky lot!

Stop using this opt-out cover, you know most don't notice these things.

Yes, it's the equivalent of pre-checked buttons on installers where you say you want to switch default search engines or subscribe to newsletters. I thought we grew out of that a few years ago.

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