Facebook still working on Timeline feature

Back in September, Facebook introduced the world to Timeline. The concept was that everyone with a Facebook account would be able to see a kind of chronological history of their major news items and events that appeared on their account. The feature was made available to developers to check out but nearly three months later Timeline has yet to be fully launched.

AlllThingsD.com asked Facebook about the delay and a spokesperson told them, "We wanted to let developers build on the platform and to give users more time to get used to the idea of change coming." There's no word on when Timeline will actually launch to the public.

The Timeline delay also applies to Open Graph, a set of developer tools that Facebook also announced back in September that would allow access to applications that would link to a person's Timeline account. The story states developers have now been told that the launch of both Timeline and Open Graph have been pushed back to sometime in January.

Why the delays? The article uses unnamed sources to state that Facebook is trying to make Timeline faster and to make it work with mobile versions of the service. There's also speculation that the beta testing with the developers version has yielded some mixed results. Finally there's the little matter of a lawsuit filed against Facebook by Timelines, a historical themed web site that claims Facebook is violating its copyrights.

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I was wondering when they were planning on releasing it. As a developer I've got a site I want to use Open Graph with

jasonon said,
will this show all past relationships? that could be awkward...

It shows everything which is already shown, it just makes it easier to access. Rather than scrolling down and hitting more you can choose a year and load the information from that year such as adding of friends, photos, comments etc. If you have things like "is now in a relationship with...." and this is open to the public or a certain group of people, they will be able to see that just as did when it first occurred, and as it does now, if you dip deep enough into the past wall posts.

Things popped up which I was surprised about. FB definitely needs to give a week or so for people to delve into their pasts and clean up before making everyone's time lines totally public.

was wondering about this. I had enabled it through developer mode, but turned it off recently because it doesn't work as well when friends are not using it

i love the timeline layout. i've been using it since it was first open to developers and wouldn't want to go back to the old layout

I have been trying it for a month with the developer option, and while I liked it at first it kept on getting more and more annoying. You completely lose the overview, it's just too much focused on posts and not enough on your activity in general. Switched back to the current layout, much much better and cleaner.

Estienne Taylor said,
Timeline looks really cool and modern. I wonder will users have a option for themes and classic mode for people who dislike the new update.

themes? so you want facebook to become like my space? no thanks