Facebook testing out trending topics

Facebook appears to be testing out a new feature this week, similar to that of "trending topics" on other services such as Twitter.

The new feature aggregates all your friends that are talking about a single topic and posts it throughout users' newsfeed. The feature attempts to pick up keywords or sites users are posting about and shows it in a grouped way, rather than individual status' if it has detected them.

Currently, it appears that the feature is not available for the majority of users. While the feature is useful, it cannot be turned off and shows up in "Top News" as well as "Most recent" where many do not want statuses aggregated for them. Also, in the case of the screenshot the algorithm actually was just aggregating links from "Fairfax" rather than common topics as it usually does.

The other issue here, is that over the last few days of seeing the new feature, it doesn't seem to be able to distinguish positive trends from negative ones, nor can it figure out whether or not the topic being aggregated was actually the main point of the post. Hopefully Facebook can address these issues and allow its users to disable the feature when it rolls them out to a wider audience.

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Dusco25 said,
I can not wait till Facebook fails

You cannot wait until a service people adore, use daily, and find very useful fails when you could just not use it and ignore its existence? What a horrible thing of you to say.

PlogCF said,
*cough* Twitter-esque? *cough*

This feature is nothing like anything on Twitter; this feature only aggregates what friends and Page have been posting, it displays a link to the official Page of the entity, and it is displayed differently to Trends on Twitter. Trends is a list of links to searches for tweets that anyone has posted publicly.

I love this. I also love how it cleverly links to the official page of the entity even when that page hasn't been tagged by anyone. I enjoy it being in my Most Recent feed, so if Facebook do remove that due to user complaints, I hope they add it as an option. I wouldn't like the idea of having to go into the Top News feed every time I'd like to see these aggregated posts. Many seem to be forgetting that Facebook include all of their aggregated posts in the Most Recent feed including those that tell us who has wished our friends a Happy Birthday.

One feature I have been hoping Facebook will implement is a sidebar module (in the same place as the 'Previous status updates' module with them alternating) for trending topics with links to those topics that navigate the user to the 'Posts by everyone' section of the Search feature; this would be very similar to Twitter, but it is something that I believe would make Facebook so much better seeing as Twitter is unsuitable for use by me (due to their character limit), and I would like my public posts to be more accessible to people and more discoverable by others.

Jacki Boi said,
This is new? seriously had it for months.

Yeah, my thoughts too! ..however, I think up until now it's just been for birthdays i.e. if lots of friends wish the same person a happy birthday, FB groups them altogether in news feeds.

Now I think FB are rolling out this idea to incorporate other news stories, not just birthdays

Saw this on my newsfeed. Not really a fan. At least of their early code, 3 posts that have iPhone in the content yet completely unrelated get stuck together.

Nicholas-c said,
Saw this on my newsfeed. Not really a fan. At least of their early code, 3 posts that have iPhone in the content yet completely unrelated get stuck together.

lol exactly the same thing happened with me yesterday....three-four posts combined - all having "iphone" in their content! - And I should mention that they were not even remotely related!