Facebook testing redesigned homepage

Facebook is once again testing a new homepage layout and is currently live for a select group of testers. The new design changes are mostly cosmetic throughout the site, focusing on making search and notifications placement. The design is said to go live for everybody in the coming weeks.

The noticeable changes to the homepage are the repositioned, larger search box, moving from the right to left of the page. Beside the search box is the new location of the requests, messages and notifications.

The design changed also moved users home, profile, friends and inbox tabs to the right side of the page, adding in a new tab called "account", which contains all the users settings, quick account information and display picture.

Users may also take notice of the smaller taskbar on bottom of the user's browser. Some other noticeable changes are updated news feed filters, with a new tweaked layout. Invitations and suggestions have also received a small design tweak.

Image Credit: mashable.com

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Finally an update that actually looks better. Hopefully there will be some change to stop the masses of group spam that is currently all over facebook atm. A bit annoyed to see they still have the separated feeds though, it seemed much better the way they previously did it where you could click to update to the latest ones since you loaded the page, but it was still one feed.

This change is just to shut up people about the recent changes about privacy. Wall, Notes box and Friends list box are public by default (with option to hide but most people still don't know). Profile picture and Fan pages are public and you can't do anything to avoid that. For some users, the Friends list solution is garbage. They don't want all Friends to see the Friends list

Is Facebook deaf or just finding too much time on its hands? They had it right the first time. Changing it over and over again is really quite pointless and only demonstrates that they really have no idea what they are doing.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Wish they had an option that would allow you to stop all the endless farming, cafe'ing and gangsta **** game updates.

An opt-out would be the logical to do.

You'd think after I'd been offered a special fighting bonus umpteen tiumes and I haven't taken it...maybe...just maybe, I DON'T WANT IT!!!!!

Looks like the status update filter is missing. It didn't work properly anyway; if a status update was posted by a third party app it would get filtered out for some reason.

Trouble is everyone on new layouts creates a group "campaign to get the old version back"

People don't like change but screw em lol.

One thing's for certain - there'll no doubt be hundreds of groups whingng about the new design when it's implemented, and then they'll whinge again at the next design after that... and again, so on and so forth.

YEa its looking more and more like fish bowl... glad fish bowl added chat support .. facebook should work together with microsoft to get one application that you can use to chat.. and share pics etc.. from your desktop .. where you sign in one time only and you can use facebook or like msn chat integrated into faceboook. Fishbowl has the idea of that with its new chat support.. I love the new layout of facebook ive been testing it myself .. but its so common to fishbowl.. Facebook needs to do what Msn did with hotmail.. and made it to windows live desktop .. should be an application you install likeyou do with msn messenger .. sign in and boom you can use facebook and msn chat all in one

good changes... but things they should do first:

dislike button
fix facebook chat buggyness
ability to see which friends are attending an event

Looks like they plan on keeping the useless "News Feed/Live Feed" bull crap. Ugh. Looks like FB doesn't even listen to their users anymore.

Can you digg it!!

And Soldiers33, you must be using the "old" design already as it looks nothing like that here. Maybe you were chosen as one of the beta testers and didn't even know it. LOL

urgh what concerns?! you can literally make yourself invisible if you bother to look through the privacy settings. i hate how so many people just jump onto the privacy bandwagon when it comes to facebook, google etc

mohan_168 said,
When are they going to improve our privacy related concerns?

They just weeks ago made much clearer privacy settings, and a few more of them too.

What, exactly, are you concerned about? There are settings for pretty much anything. You can even remove you from FB searches or Googleability. The only missing part is hiding your friends list if you want that, but I read something that they were aware of that.

What about Chat? are they adding click & send emoticons like msn/yahoo? they also should change photo service. People wants 2 put high-res pics on facebook.

I can't imagine the server load needed for higher res pictures. what is the need anyways? People arent making prints from these pictures.

Really don't care about adding anything to chat, other than improving the time it takes to send/receive messages. That's about my only problem.

Rappy said,
I always wondered about display pictures because sometimes you upload a good picture only for it to become crappy on upload.

yea ryt

Have had this layout for 2-3 weeks now Thought I was just running that LITE version reported about a while back. Apparently im special now :O :P

Old housemate of mine sent me a screenie of him using this...must be over a month ago now. Am surprised it's kept so quiet.

Love it. Definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully there'll be a complete code update for the notifications and chat, very funky at the moment.

I've already prepared myself for the onslaught of groups and statuses *sigh*.

They really need to get rid of the News Feed and Live Feed separation. Not to mention all the other duplicate menu links

DrunknMunky said,
They really need to get rid of the News Feed and Live Feed separation. Not to mention all the other duplicate menu links

I agree. It's a shame such a poor design is so popular.

DrunknMunky said,
They really need to get rid of the News Feed and Live Feed separation. Not to mention all the other duplicate menu links


I just wish there was a way to keep the Live Feed permanent. I hate having to switch back to it every other day.

Pc_Madness said,
I don't even understand what its for. : What do I care about something that happened 3 months ago? : Stupid Facebook.

News Feed should only be providing a summary of the last 24 hours.

dead.cell said,
A few flaws certainly doesn't equate to "poor design"...

No but the fact that they don't listen to the majority of the users, putting design changes in when they are clearly not needed, whilst half of the time, the majority of people are complaining about things like wanting a dislike button, or that the chat feature consistently doesn't work, the updates notification, doesn't work properly, they changed the settings allowing a lot of your personal stuff to be seen by almost anyone with half a brain. All that equates to poor design Yes I'm moaning and yes I'm a facebook user and yes I'll still continue to use it

PureLegend said,
News Feed should only be providing a summary of the last 24 hours.

Well it doesn't. At least not for me. It seems to show things in pretty much a random order.