Facebook unveils Video for Instagram

At today's Facebook press conference, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom unveiled Video on Instagram. The service has been rumoured for a few weeks and puts the company in direct competition with Twitter, who offer the wildly popular video sharing app Vine.

The last time we heard from Instagram, they announced the ability to tag your friends and contacts in photos.

Sharing video on Instagram is as simple as sharing photos, with a number of new video-only filters available. Taking short videos, which cannot exceed 15 seconds in length, is achieved in a similar way as we're used to on Vine -- holding the shutter button and releasing to compartmentalise the end product.

Videos appear in your feed as with photos, although it is unclear whether videos play automatically as we're used to on Vine. When sharing your video, you're met with the usual sharing options as well as the ability to mute your video or leave the audio untouched.

Video for Instagram has advanced stabilisation technologies which the company calls 'Cinema'. No more will you have to cope with amateurish, shaky videos -- your favourite moments will be shake-free.

Source: FacebookImages via Facebook

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Once again Mr Zuckerberg has managed to still yet another idea from someone else and claim it as his own, am I the only one that noticed this??..

Vine was released first with the concept. I hope Vine send Instagram broke.

2 weeks after Vine was announced, which has taken interest away from instagram, obviously has been implemented into Instagram.. I mean seriously, how long does this guy expect to survive by taking other peoples ideas and just adding them to his existing services..

Enjoy it while it lasts Mr Zuckerberg!
You ******!

Buggy as **** on my Galaxy S III (CyanogenMod 10.1 RC5 + KT747 Kernel). Recording a video causes the phone to reboot, and I'm not the only one with this problem.

Should have been a "beta" release. I can't believe they didn't test it on the Galaxy S 3 + CyanogenMod. MANY people use this phone and ROM together

Why take something simple that works, and add a bunch of new features? Why not just leave it alone? Isn't this how Facebook destroys everything it touches?

It's already being used, a lot. That's probably why they did it. There's a whole lot of people in the world. You may not like something, but multiple millions of others may love it. And those are the people who it is for.

Although I don't know anything about photography, I agree that apps should do more tot each people (like myself) how to take good pictures and what all these extra "features" are actually doing.

PS: Yes there are guides but I'm looking for a quick tutorial with each app maybe?

I think I might still have a Super 8 in a box somewhere. I don't know if you can still get film and processing but in the late 70s I seems to remember it was around $20 for 50 feet or about 3 minutes. Maybe $50-$60 dollars today. You wouldn't be shooting your ravioli.