Facebook update allows replies on pages

A new update to Facebook's pages now allows page administrators to turn on a replies feature that will let them and other users directly respond to user comments.

Currently, responses to a post on a Facebook page all appear inline in the same fashion. By enabling the update, however, page administrators can more clearly respond to individual user comments, as the replies will be indented below the comment the page administrator is responding to (as seen above). 

The update has to be turned on by page admins, however, although the feature will be automatically enabled for all pages on July 10, and pages with more than 10,000 followers will automatically receive the update. Pages that are eligible for the update will receive a notification – which appears as the image above – in the Admin Panel. The update is currently being rolled out.

By enabling the new feature, the conversations that are the most active will now appear at the top of a post. Likes and other responses will push a response to the top of the post. Additionally, conversations will also be tailored to individual users; if a user's friend responds to a page's post, that response may appear at the top of the post. 

Though Facebook will eventually add the feature to mobile apps and the Graph API in the future, it is currently only available for the desktop version of Facebook.

Source: Facebook

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I've seen it on-and-off on the odd page (mainly Adrianne Curry's page) for the past couple of months; thank god it's finally coming across the board.

Yeah, I saw that in posts for a little while now...

Perhaps they started rolling it out before... or maybe the place where I saw it got a beta test? Because I only saw it on one occasion on one page, up until tonight.

saw it last night and all the posts were no longer in order or time posted, unless something is happening on my end