Facebook will not entirely ban anti-Holocaust groups

Following site complaints, a Facebook spokesperson barry Schnitt has told CNN that certain groups on the world's largest social networking, do harbour 'Nazi ideals'. He continues to to state that Facebook finds Holocaust denial 'repulsive' but will not ban these groups, citing the importance to free speech.

He went on to state, "We want Facebook to be a place where people can discuss all kinds of ideas.

Facebook did go on to say that, these specific groups should be banned where the denial of the Holocaust is illegal, nations including Israel, Germany and France to name but a few.

Facebook is indeed a place where hundreds of different groups can discuss different ideologies. A good example of getting caught up in red tape, should Facebook have to ban anti-Jewish groups for their controversial nature, it would have to ban or at least censor any other controversial group which might, or have already, been created.

Source: Business2Press

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