Facebook's visual overhaul revealed, refreshed News Feed rolling out soon [Update]

As promised last week, Facebook announced plans for a new design for its News Feed as company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today at a press event that's also being livestreamed on Facebook's news page. Zuckerberg said that the idea behind the new design is based on a more visual theme and that they wanted to make the News Feed look more like the personalized newspaper front page.

The new design, as shown on the livestream, will present a unified look across both its desktop and mobile versions. It will also include larger images in the feed, along with bigger videos. Facebook will also offer users more choice and control over their feeds, something that was rumored earlier this week.

One choice will allow people to pick a feed that will show every single post and photo uploaded by their Facebook friends. It will also include a separate news feed choice for music, a photo-only feed and a following feed where you can see every fee from businesses and news content, in chronological order. The desktop should look more like the mobile app version of the feeds, which includes new navigation user interfaces; the desktop will also get a revamped chat UI.

The new News Feed design will go out in a limited trial later today and will go to smartphones and tablets in the next few weeks.

Update: Facebook has posted up a dedicated page about its revamped News Feed along with a way to get on the waiting list to try the new design out.

Source: Facebook | Image via Facebook

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def looks like their putting the mobile view first seems logical to take it that step cut down on their work load, but more advert space is worrying to be honest I have felt many times deleting facebook cause of the cruid pictures sometimes people share say of sick babys their should be a way of filtering images in peoples news feeds to be honest.

I'm shocked, it looks...good...

Now, Facebook Developers, if you would be kind enough to program in an option to block internet memes that the common folk have learned how to generate.

It looks way better then it does now! I'm waiting to see all the hate about how terrible the new update for Android is in the Market...and don't forget all the 1 stars too...funny how they change something then people whine "latest update sucks, can't view my or upload my pics" then change the rating from 5 to 1* with their comment ending in "FIX IT NOW, then will give 5 star rating" only thing I wish they would do is give the app SD support.

Hmm where is the settings menu and how do you logout? In the last update they made these prominent to make it easy to change privacy settings. Now it's hidden?

im some happy with the look, ill wait till i get to play with it before hand. But there will be alot of people that dont like it.

Every re-design of Facebook elements has been a step forward. The only people to dislike the updates have been people who can't stomach change in their lives. And they bleet on like Facebook owes them something. When in fact, their lives are often richer because of Facebook. So in essence, for some people, they owe a great deal to Facebook. What I find funny is that when things change, people complain ... yet they defend the 'current' design like it's the second coming ... and forget that last time things changed they hated it. It's mindless. In fact, the people who tend to do the complaining for the most part are usually the kind of people who confuse you're for your and to for too .... so it never surprises me!

It isn't an extra click Search is accessed in exactly the same way as before--you just click "Search for people, places and things" (or use the keyboard shortcut, whatever that is) and start typing, just like before. That one click was always required for Search.

Sweet! Looks great, hopefully it rolls out to everyone soon.

And hopefully they dont give users the choice to opt out for months. It only leads to that many months of people constantly whining about the change.

DarkNet said,
Oh the great "Cover Photo Whinerey". Who can forget that.

Ze timeline oh noes! Never getting it, f jew facebook!!1!

It's not just the sidebar but the added filtering options and the more 'visual' news feed that brings it more in line with how Google+ currently is.

Either way I like and use both fb and G+ and this is a nice change if they do it right.

its called trends, facebook had a good working layout for a while and g+ used a similar. now facebook is bouncing idead off of what g+ is using. pretty common in the industry

Yeah I actually like the new design and the ability to better filter the feed(s). So I'm all for it. Wonder how many years till we see this on Windows Phone

Depends do you have a nokia phone or another brand. At this rate nokia will make a facebook app like they have been doing for other apps.

majortom1981 said,
Depends do you have a nokia phone or another brand. At this rate nokia will make a facebook app like they have been doing for other apps.

Why? Microsoft did the app. Why would Nokia step on Microsoft's toes?

DarkNet said,

Why? Microsoft did the app. Why would Nokia step on Microsoft's toes?

Why even need the app.
News feeds come in under People app. Messaging goes through the messaging app. Uploading pictures directly from the camera.
I have the app but don't use it.

Shadowzz said,

deadonthefloor said,

I guess I should have said the same. Windows Phone's facebook integration does 90% of what I want. The other 10% I hit touch.facebook.com.

Joshie said,
Don't worry. The hate will flow.

LOL. I was prepared to hate it. But seeing it - it actually looks good. But when are the ads coming?

Majesticmerc said,


haha, waits for the 'we want old fb' pages etc...


any news on how to get the new look right now as theres always someone who comes up with a trick?