Fake sites with Obama news infect users with malware

Trend Micro Advanced Threats Researcher Paul Ferguson has discovered fake websites with headlines like Barack Obama has refused to be a president and links that take the user to fake Obama sites which mimick the official Obama website.

Trend Micro has found binaries with file names like barack.exe and baracknews.exe which belong to Waladec family of worms that spread more after New Year as spam greeting cards. Below is a glimpse of the fake obama website

Some of the malware found are:

These malware are mostly hosted on domains that contain Obama-related key words.

Spam emails are being circulated that contains links to fake Obama websites causing the download of WORM_WALEDAC.KAX which steals email addresses and sends the information to mulitple IP addresses. This worm also opens random ports in an affected system

Image Courtesy: TrendLabs, Technet blog

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"What will be with our country?"

The pathetic grammar of the subject line alone would be enough for me to delete it immediately. Looks like it was written by the same fool who writes those ridiculous penis-enlargement spam messages.

Its no t redicilus. I am a gradjuate of Oxford and Yal e, and despise my english, i am en ejucate personn. Only a n ejucate person would know that you cud inlarge your P3niz with vigra for only $19 delivered strate 2 you're door.

(ow. my brain)

I think that this is what caught my mom's computer. She is a huge Obama fan and will read anything related to Obama on the net. She also refuses to use Firefox for some damn reason.