Fans: Battlefield 3 needs more dinosaurs

Battlefield 3 is a great game, but how could you possibly improve on it (aside from dumping that Origin crap)? Well, duh! By adding dinosaurs!

Why on Earth would DICE even consider adding dinosaurs to Battlefield 3? Firstly, it gives them a way to compete with Call of Duty's wildly popular zombies mode. Secondly, when you mix dinosaurs, RPGs, machine guns and tanks, there's a 99% chance that the reaction will create awesomesauce.

Seriosuly though, the idea of adding a dinosaur survival mode to Battlefield 3 isn't all new – fans have been speculating about it ever since toy dinosaurs started popping up on Wake Island, and since someone noticed that the box art for the upcoming Aftermath DLC looks a little bit like a certain scene from Jurassic Park, leading some to speculate that it could already be in development. The fact that DICE's community manager decided to use Reddit as a platform to get the hashtag #BF3Dinos trending on Twitter didn't hurt, either.

And since DICE has been using Battlefield 3 as a platform to respond to Call of Duty, by introducing some of the elements that have made Activision's more fast paced, close quarters titles popular, we wouldn't be surprised to see them add another big draw to their rival series. With their own twist, of course.

What do you think? Do you want to see co-op dinosaurs in Battlefield 3, or would you prefer if DICE stuck with they know and focus on improving the core Battlefield experience?

Source: Product Reviews | Reddit

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I dont care much now. All FPS aren't very unique at this time. They could add ponies in and that would be much better then what they have now...

Add kill streaks and remove objectives while you're at it. Would make more sense to the average 10 year old who enjoys this game.

Well, have to admit, the thought of taking a rpg to a Jurrasic Park style T-Rex sounds amazing!!!

I understand the gripes of hardcare players, but I think it would be fun, after taking a break from a heated battle at caspian:jump into an addictive co-op hunt or be hunted type play. Be sweet!

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