Far Cry 2 Engine Demo

Far Cry 2 is an upcoming first person shooter published by Ubisoft and is the sequel to Far Cry. The game will be released for PC on March 25, 2008, with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions slated for the fiscal year ending March 2009. Far Cry 2 will not use CryENGINE2 (which is used in Crysis). Instead, Ubisoft has developed a new engine called Dunia, meaning "world" or "earth" in Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili and Malay languages. The engine will take advantage of multi-core processors and support DirectX 9 as well as DirectX 10. Only 2 or 3 percent of the original CryENGINE code is being re-used, according to Michiel Verheijdt, Senior Product Manager for Ubisoft Netherlands. Additionally, Far Cry 2 will also support the Ambx-technology from Philips. With the proper hardware, this adds effects like vibrations, ambient coloured lights, and fans that generate wind effects. The agreement will also see an amBX patch being released for the original Far Cry.

View: Far Cry 2 Engine Demo
News source: Wikipedia
Video source: Gamespot

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It wasn't that impressive looking to me. They didn't show off anything that would represent a solid engine. The only thing shown was just grass waving and and a walking animal with some grass catching on fire. That's nothing impressive, not to mention, they should have left the film filter out so you get a better idea of what the colors will actually look like. They just used that filter to make it look more photorealistic than it actually is. Unreal Engine 3 and Cry Engine 2 walks all over it IMO.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

If you are looking to project in-game ambient colors in your game station environment, check out http://www.a-r-e.nl .. been using their system for 2+ years, and lately they added AI for recognition of fire etc.

All that fire in the savana can show as real smoke in your game room. Wicked!

Looks VERY promising. Still, I bet it will be much more hardware-hungry than Crysis. Of course this is yet another game that yuou should never buy if your PC cannot handle at least "HIGH" settings or something similar. No Shaders and no "eye candy" effects makes these modern games look like rubbish :(.

I saw this before. It looks like a pretty solid engine. The shaders can use some work in my opinion as well as maybe the texture of the deer (from what I saw. It'll probably be way better in the future). There's a lot of hype for this game, and even though I hated the original Far Cry (or the last half), I hope it does well.