Far Cry 2 Xbox 360 Movies & Trailers

Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 2 movie which gives an overview of the game's features. There's some gameplay as well as some words from the developers themselves. Check out the interesting and action packed movie by clicking here.

Additionally, there are a few screenshots from the action posted on the above link.

News Source: MSXBOX World

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Humn... how interesting. I've been a Far Cry and now Crysis fan... Now considering that this is the latest stuff, I've got to say that my keen graphical observations give me the following feelings:

-Shaders don't seem as fancy as crysis. Animals and clothing look shiny.
-I don't see ambient occlusion especially in forest areas, and on the surfaces of buildings. Crysis has this everywhere, and global lighting is a really important aspect of photorealism.

-I like teh wind.

Now I know that the consoles just don't have the shader power to look like Crysis on high/very high, but I hope that the PC version of this game uses every ounce of video card power the way Crysis does, to look just as good if not better.

Yay. So I hope we're just seeing beta image quality. Crysis looked like this around GDC 06.