Faster in-flight WiFi service announced

If you are a frequent traveler, you more than likely have experienced the cool new feature of being able to connect to the Internet via a in-flight WiFi service. More and more airplanes are adding such features courtesy of companies like Gogo which have installed such equipment on nine of the nation's biggest airlines. This week, Gogo announced that it will soon be upgrading its services to make surfing the Internet even faster on board planes.

Venture Beat reports that beginning in the first half of 2012, Gogo will launch its ATG-4 service. That should give airline passengers Internet WiFi speeds that are four times faster what are currently available. The ATG-4 service will start on Virgin America's airplanes but there's no word on when other airlines will begin to offer the faster Internet speeds. More and more airlines are adding Internet WiFi support in their planes. In fact, Delta Airlines announced earlier this month that it has begun adding WiFi support in its airplanes designed for shorter regional flights. By early 2012 all of Delta's airplanes that have a First Class cabin will have WiFi access installed.

In related news, Gogo also announced this week that its Gogo Vision service, which is designed to give airline passengers access to 200 movies and TV shows in flight, will be expanded soon. The service was first installed and used on 15 of American Airlines' aircraft in August. That trial was apparently successful and now Gogo Vision will be installed on all of American Airlines's planes that have Gogo's WiFi service in 2012.

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A few points:

These kinds of internet aren't designed for streaming, they need to stop doing that. These were intended so you could check email, get on IMs read blogs, write on your blog, whatever. I wouldn't go as far to say watching YouTube but perhaps a couple of short length vids.

Until the internet gets fast with better bandwidth streaming and gaming shouldn't be going on, there's over 100 people on the plane I would imagine at least half that would be using wifi that's too may to handle streaming!)

Does Gogo vision use the wifi service to stream the movies? If so, I don't see how that can work!

I've seen 1+ Mbps on Gogo, and a few Mbps on Southwest's Row44-provided service. Gogo's latency (via EvDO Rev. A) is a fraction of Row44's though. OTOH, Row44's price is half what Gogo charges for medium-length flights...

"That should give airline passengers Internet WiFi speeds that are four times faster what are currently available."

expect probability of plane crashing to be 4 times higher as well.

What sort of speeds do you get in flight at the moment?
I suppose it depends on how many people are streaming Netflix or torrenting Hurt Locker...