Fatal1ty and Frank Owen at the Night Before CES Party

We met up with Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty at the Night Before CES Party. Neowin's own Frank Owen played several rounds of pool with Fatal1ty, and I think he might have even won a few. Stay tuned tomorrow for an upcoming special interview with Fatal1ty from Neowin.

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I just can't fully grasp "Professional Gaming" yet... I remember all the Q1 tourney's and people like Thresh and Fatal1ty from back in the day... but it just seems, I don't know... kind of silly to me still.

But the guy makes money doing it, so more power to him! No suits and ties for him! Guess there is a little jealousy in my comment, I'm sitting in my cubicle and he's probably nursing a hangover or loading up a game to "practice".

There never was or is anything special about Fatal1ty. Gaming needed to have a "world's best" player as a means to flog random products with.