FCC filings for new Apple mouse and keyboard revealed

The past month or so has seen a fair few rumors flying about regarding new Apple computers (iMacs, MacBooks and even Mac minis), some of which are supposed to be packing redesigned peripherals. Engadget has just earlier revealed the FCC filings for said input devices, confirming the existence of both the mouse and keyboard.

The revamped mouse and keyboard are touting the model numbers of A1296 and A1314 respectively, compared to the old A1197 and A1255; unfortunately, that's as juicy as details get, as Jobs and the gang will want to make their usual launch event as surprising as possible. It's expected that the mouse will bring with it new multitouch features, potentially doing away with the old scrolling nub, which has received many complaints from those who use it. The new features fall in line with previous multitouch mouse rumors, and would make sense considering the gestures available on Apple's portable line of hardware. Another interesting point to mention is that Steve Jobs himself is said to be leading the development of the new mouse, in addition to the rumor that he's lead on the supposed Apple tablet project, apparently launching early next year.

If you follow Apple rumors at all, you'll know that the new computers are rumored to be launching in a couple weeks, so we'll see how that goes in terms of trustworthiness. Lastly, we've included the FCC images of the two devices, for you to peruse.

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It's amazing that Apple calls their mouse "mighty" when they still only put one physical button on it. Two would be confusing, I suppose. Just ask the Windows users of the world who are overwhelmed by which button they need to click.

What about the MacBook Wheel laptop? Now that's innovation, kids! Just one big wheel/button in the center; nothing could be easier. Check it out here.

The mighty mouse is the most unergonomic piece of crap ever invented (excluding the ****ty puck mouse before it).

Will it be as much of a laughing stock as the Mighty Mouse?

I guess the joke is on me as I actually paid money for one (actual money) when they first came out.

hmm how do they put multitouch features on a mouse... i mean how are you supposed to hold it when your doing the pinching and the twirling and whatever.... and how are you supposed to not make it think you did a gesture everytime you held the mouse...

That looks so much better than my MX Revolution. Compared to that, the MX only looks useful for some kind of buttplug...

The MX revolution will gives you much more comfort and pleasure to use though,
which is funny as you referred to it as a buttplug :P

I liked the actual keyboard. In fact, I love it. I have the wired one with the keypad though, but it's awesome. I even have a hard time using the ones at school now, with those thick buttons and all.

About the mouse, well they have to change the wired and wireless one obviously. The Mighty Mouse isn't too bad, but it does not deserve the Apple logo behind it. The 360 degrees ball was innovative and worked like a charm, I really loved it. But once it got dirty enough, I started swearing at it. The comfort for the hand is also something to revise, and while we're at it, get rid of the optical and please use laser.

I hope it comes with the next iMac, because I'm selling mine to buy a new one and I obviously want innovation in it, especially because this part needed to.

Yea, I need my number pad too. Also I love my mighty mouse but hate the scrollwheel how dated it feels. Also gets rather dirty.

I hope the rumors are true about it being aluminum. It could be so nice :)

Yeah, I actually really like my Apple keyboard (like you the wired one with the numpad). It's only because the key bases are so shallow and they take very little effort to press much like a laptop keyboard... the only other keyboard I used that is as comfortable to type on as this one is Logitech's DiNovo Edge which is about twice the price.

Xero said,
Yea, I need my number pad too. Also I love my mighty mouse but hate the scrollwheel how dated it feels. Also gets rather dirty.

I hope the rumors are true about it being aluminum. It could be so nice :)

The first thing came to my head with those images are aliens.

abysal said,
probably will come with a new price premium for the effort it took to redesign the layout of the labels.

You mean like the new slim wireless keyboard Microsoft introduced lately?

carmatic said,
or it could be the multitouch features that is the focus of the mouse?

I heard a rumor that Apple is secretly developing the most innovative input device of the century: the multi-click mouse. The new Apple mouse has not one but MULTIPLE buttons. And you can use this buttons simultaneously. Apple has already filed a petent for this amazing technology, so Microsoft and other copycats will have a really hard time trying to steal this future masterpiece.

LOL... The mac mouse does have multiple buttons, it's simply just not a mechanical click. The current mice sense left clicks and right clicks, it senses which side you're clicking on. The whole no right mouse button thing is a common misconception.

"The only thing it shows is the Apple Logo..."

Well it would be crazy to think they changed their marketing and product ethos wouldn't it.

I lost even more faith in apple today from an advert that focused solely on video of the iPod Nano. "*Videos enhanced" was slapped on the bottom of the advert for about a second. Its amazing companies are allowed slap asimple image on a product. But when you are focusing on one feature solely in an advert how are you allowed to completely alter how people perceive the quality of that one feature!?

Next thing you know the screen light will be shown to be acting as a way to light your entire * house for a day on one charge.

(*dolls house)

omg you farted.. thats so exciting.. was it stinky?

i dont care about it unles its a backlight keyboard...

i still think it might be cool of the made the mouse with a dim backlight glow

Hmmm, it'd be really cool for me, really practical and all. And in the end, I don't care if it uses more power, because I have rechargeable batteries and the charger for it I can just turn the light next to me off as well!

Those who are mad : Open system prefs and shut up? lol

Great idea, dude

Yeah, I was about to mention that... the word rumor appears five times in two and a half paragraphs. Who cares until it becomes reality?