FCC will Act on Web Neutrality if Needed

The head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said on Monday he is "ready, willing and able" to stop broadband providers that unreasonably interfere with subscribers' access to Internet content.

The comment by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin came at the start of a day-long FCC hearing centering on allegations that some broadband providers such as telecommunications and cable companies have been improperly blocking or hindering some content.

"I think it's important to understand that the commission is ready, willing and able to step in if necessary to correct any (unreasonable) practices that are ongoing today," Martin said.

The dispute over so-called "network neutrality" pits open-Internet advocates against some service providers such as Comcast Corp, who say they need to take reasonable steps to manage traffic on their networks.

Martin acknowledged that broadband network operators have a legitimate need to manage the data flowing over their networks. But he said that "does not mean that they can arbitrarily block access to particular applications or services."

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Speaking of owned, let's not hear people ****, whine, and moan when other people are throttling bandwidth affecting them and being greedy with their file sharing. If you want free reign of the internets, then be prepared to get your connection throttled by others when you are wanting to use your connection for different purposes other than porn, dvdrs, appz, mp3z, and other illegal files that are generally shared via torrent.

And please save the "legal files can be shared too!" argument because we all know the majority of the files that are shared via P2P are illegal to begin with.

I sure hope the gov gets onboard and puts a foot up these ISP's arses. I for one pay out the wazooo for 30MB down and 1 1/2MB up - close to $90 a month, and they have the gall to call me and complain that Im using too much bandwidth uploading? They even shut me off one time. For cryin-out-loud, what do I pay so much for if I cant use my connection, or for that matter, why then do they offer the package they do if you cant use it when you want to?

It sucks but actually im facing this problem even though Im not on comcast. I cant download files with the .torrent extension. And Ive noticed that with ALL streaming media, my download speed came to 15kb/s compared to the usual 55kb/s. Its a good thing that I found a website which convert .torrent files to .txt files; allowing you to download them. One on your computer, you can rename them back to .torrent and start utorrent. Legally, what valid points do i have against my ISP?