F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate Trailer and Demo Released

A trailer and demo have recently been released for the latest expansion pack for F.E.A.R. The expansion pack, named F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate, promises new weapons, new enemies, and new levels, as well as more co-operative missions with NPC's. The graphics is virtually the same as the original game, which is slightly disappointing considering the time that they've had for it, although this will prove to be good for those with older machines. The minimum requirements remain the same as the original, with no news of multi-core support or other new features. Although described as an expansion pack, the game will not require the original F.E.A.R to be installed.

There is little news about what will happen with F.E.A.R Combat, the free, multi-player version of F.E.A.R, although it is likely new maps will be added. Perseus Mandate will add multi-player, which was not included in Extraction Point. The game is set to be released on the 6th November this year, for PC, although the XBOX360 version will be available as part of F.E.A.R Files which contains all three games. There is no news of a version for PS3 out yet.

Download: Demo | Size: 734MB (Free)
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"Perseus Mandate"? With all the user input, the contest, and devs working on this and that's the best title they could come up with?

Also, I was hoping this new FEAR was going to be a true sequel and not another expansion. I loved the original, but I never got around to playing Extraction Point (was that the first expansion?). So, I doubt I'll make time for this one too. There are just too many other games that are out, or that are coming out, that I would rather play.

Also, I was hoping this new FEAR was going to be a true sequel and not another expansion.

At the same time, it's both.... yet neither. There are two new FEAR games coming out... Perseus Mandate is a stand alone game, based on the original story of FEAR...though it does not require the original to have been installed or played. On top of all that, it isn't the sequel either, ... that's FEAR: Project Origin.
I think you've confused the two.

The first expansion pack was ok... wasn't really needed as far as the story goes, but if Project starts off as interesting as the trailer suggests... then at least you're not hanging there wondering what the heck is going on, and how did the character you are playing get on the O.R. table.

they should have canned a second expansion and made a second game based on dx10 or something.

Tried the demo last night, it was fun, but nothing new....

Agreed. It just gets boring after a while. All the walls seem to look the same, there must be at least 3 levels using the same underground garage, and the enemies, depsite the slight difference in faces, clothes, and weapons, are essentially all the same.

I'd pay good money for a 'F.E.A.R 2' if you like, providing it improved graphics, had more unique (I know, there all clones but..) enemies, and some interesting levels. However, I think I'll give it a miss this time.

I guess it wasn't that popular then. Apparently the demo isn't any good. The thing I liked about F.E.A.R was that had a sense of realism in it, in that it actually seemed possible for something like that to happen. But now they've added stuff like 'Lightning Chain Gun', and have super big robots trying to kill you, I can't help but feel that the realism has been lost.

Yes, I know that the Particle Gun wasn't realistic either, but the original was quite something. And to be honest, the thing that made it 'scary' in the first place was that you were all alone. Now they've taken that away with co-op missions , there's not much hope for it imo.