Fewer Free Skype Phone Calls for U.S., Canada

Internet phone service provider Skype plans to start charging U.S. and Canadian users $30 per year for unlimited calls to regular phones in both countries, as the end of a free trial offer looms.

Users who sign up before January 31, 2007, will receive a special rate of $15 per year and 100 free minutes of international calling, Skype said on Wednesday. Any user wishing to continue using Skype to make calls to regular phones or mobile handsets after the free trial expires December 31, but does not want a yearly plan, can pay for SkypeOut at a rate of 2.1 cents per minute for calls within the U.S. and Canada. Computer-to-computer calls using Skype software will remain free.

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After just reading this I installed and tried Skype. It's not too bad. The calls sound exactly like a phone conversation, and I'm even thinking about paying the $15 (even if it was $30 - I'd still pay it). $30 for outgoing calls anywhere in Canada and the States sounds good to me .

Quote - playagrande said @ #5
i always used it to call my cell when i lost it in my room so i could find it... :-( I guess no more of that.

Ya, because you can't afford 2.1 cents a minute to do it.


Skype should have done this:

what about offering Unlimited FREE PC-Phone/Phone-PC to anyware in the world paid for by Audio/Video Advertising?? I know this works because

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FREEPHONE: Freefone is a public courtesy telephone and digital video advertising system with a full range of motion and sound. Freefone allows users to make free local and toll free calls. Advertisements appear in a continuous loop, with the sound muted during phone conversations.

The Freefone terminal is 24” by 37” with a 15” video screen. Designed by Watt IDG Inc, one of the world’s leading retail design firms. Freefone’s professional appearance compliments its host surroundings, while highlighting the message of advertisers and brand managers.

I'm sure Skype/Ebay can find out a-way on how to do this so they make money but its still free for Skype users???.

-no not talking about Pop-ups.. Talking about a Video Window in the Dial Pad area that will play an ad just as you press Dial/send and once the 30-60 sec ad stops playing Skype dials out. and when geting a call Skype plays an ad when you press Answer and once that ad ends your connected to the Caller who called you.

Skype is interested in keeping bandwidth usage down to a complete minimum so it's open to all users. Even those on a low speed connection.