Fifa 07 Announced

It was only a few weeks ago that EA bought us Fifa World Cup, and a couple of months before that, Fifa 06. Well now, guess what, the cash cow has announced... you guessed it, Fifa 07. Ditching the world cup format, Fifa 07 will take advantage of the hundreds of league licenses it holds, and will probably have some new ball colours to keep the game fresh.

Apart from a load of new balls expect Fifa 07 to take advantage of those extra servers EA now has lying around with a new Sports Interactive League, which allow fans to square off in online leagues based on real-world schedules. The game will be released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP, DS, PC, and the Game Boy Advance on September 29 in the UK, but there is yet to be an announcement of a US release date.

No announcement has been made on the next generation console versions, but owners of the DS version will be able to improve gameplay immensely by creating their own football chants using the DS mic.... Interesting.


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I have played both versions religiously. Personally my friends and I play FIFA 07 more than PES. PES does have a better gameplay, there is no argument there, but you can see FIFA is closing the gap, the gameplay on FIFA is getting more realistic with every new version, while Winning Eleven has been pretty much the same. FIFA also has a faster gameplay which is really important when you play against friends and just want to have fun. sound effects, music, commentators, and most importantly licensing of team & player names is wa better in FIFA. So when you add it all up together, FIFA gets my vote.

IMO, the gameplay on FIFA will improve in the next version, while for the WInning eleven serious, they just don't have the licensing or the $ to compete with FIFA in the future.