Final day for Netflix subscribers to pick plans

Today could be a day of reckoning for the popular video streaming service Netflix. Today is the last day that the many millions of Netflix's subscribers will be able to pick and choose a pricing plan for the service before Netflix picks one for them. Last July Netflix surprised the tech world when it announced that the company was abandoning its previous subscription tiers that allowed customers to have both unlimited streaming video and one or more DVD mail order rentals per month for one low fee.

Instead, Netflix announced it was separating its streaming video and its DVD rental plans. That meant that if you were a current Netflix subscriber and still wanted both unlimited streaming video and one DVD rental at a time, the price of your subscription fees will go up to $15.98, over 60 percent from its previous price. That price point for current subscribers starts tomorrow, September 1. Netflix will assume you want both plans if you don't make a decision to pick either the streaming video or the DVD mail-order plans by the end of the day today.

Netflix's decision created a massive public relations problem for the company last July, with a lot of its subscribers going online to express their displeasure over the move and vowing to dump their Netflix subscriptions entirely. Netflix claims that it was prepared for this kind of public backlash against these changes, and even admitted that for this current quarter it would see a lower number for subscriber growth before returning to its normal growth numbers. Currently Netflix says it has 25.56 million subscribers. It remains to be see if Netflix's predictions about future subscriber growth will remain true.

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I notice a lot of people complaining about issues with streaming. Must be your connection as I've never had an issue. Aside from a few that have been recorded poorly. *shrug* To be fair, I'm in Canada.

Screw you people. I have Netflix stream + 1 DVD and Hulu Plus. all because I can afford to. Yeah I don't go on expensive cruises and ****.

Bill Kesler said,
I got rid of the whole thing completely. Movie rentals are getting out of hand and redbox is too convenient.

Same thing here, latest stuff is just to easy to get from Redbox. If we get really stuck looking for something old then there is the local video store still. Streaming is just too limited. So Netflix, looks like you've lost quite a few customers.

We just use streaming and love it. Our 2 1/2 year loves watching Thomas, SpongeBob, Sesame Street, etc. Then we just use AppleTV for new release rentals. So nice not having DVDs strewn about!

I'm dropping my 2 a month blu-ray to 2 a month and keeping streaming service but selling my Wii (never play it) and selling blu-ray player while getting a newer model blu-ray player that streams it so I don't have to switch another HDMI hookup

dropped their streaming service. it was not like they had an exhaustive collection which they offered for free. i had to look 20 min atleast before deciding (half heartedly) to watch some crap from their library. will retain blu-ray by mail subscription alone.

I decided to put my account on hold for another 3 months ...
I'm in no big rush too. Right now, I'm buying my DVDs and
recording TV shows with my DVR .. Going to look into Amazon
for streaming TV and movies ...

One thing I really hated is that they removed a lot of titles from their streaming service. I was half way through a season of a particular show and now that entire show has been removed from my queue, without even notifying me.

Bad NetFlix, very bad!

I'm looking at possibly cutting the streaming part in the future to save money. My parents use the dvd part quite often so I have to keep that part and we don't have the bandwidth to use the streaming part effectively. I tend to do that at work if I do it at all.

Ahhh thanks for reminding me. I forgot about this. I have to go cancel now. I barely use the service anyways. No sense in paying more for a service I barely use.

I've been a Netflix customer since 1998, and have seen plan costs rise pretty regularly. This is just another money grab. To make up for the price increase I just reduced my subscription level by two discs. To make up for the reduced number of discs I can have out at one time I'll just dump them to iso's as soon as I get them and mail them back and watch them at my leisure. F 'em.

I don't really use streaming that much as the quality is crappy. I don't understand people who buy expensive HD TV's and then watch over-compressed low-quality video on them.

We are sticking with streaming. Right about when we were going to add the DVD's onto our plan, they went and did the price change so that made up our mind.

Redbox is our go to as well for new releases.

Part of me can't help but wonder though if Netflix made the price increase to cause a loss of subscribers in terms of DVD plans because they have said that it is far cheaper to stream than to ship.

We've had issues with the Redboxes around us with busted and non-playable movies. Sure the credit process is easy, but it's a hassle when you sit down to watch a movie and 30m before the ending the disc stops.

For the time being we dropped to streaming only, while it isn't that bad in our neck of the woods due to demographics (retired folks) I suspect we'll jump ship to Hulu/Amazon/Apple or the good old borrow from a friend subscription.

JSYOUNG571 said,
Gave Netflix their walking papers over a month ago.

brother dropped the disks a month ago just to stream to his android been waiting for months for it. But plans to drop it all together soon. Mostly on crappy speeds.

I still say it's cheaper to do it all via NetFlix than trying to stick it to the man and switch to Apple/Amazon/Redbox/Hulu/etc.

Streaming only is good enough (for me) but at the sametime even with the "double" costs for additional DVDs, it still comes out cheaper if you rent more than 4/month from RedBox.

Skwerl said,
Bye bye, streaming! Never really used you, anyway.

watched alot of dirty jobs and WWII docs anything I could get bye with crappy speeds really went downhill when they switched from flash to silverlight.

So, if they charge 60% more, but lose, say, 30% of their members... They'll still be ahead in this whole deal? That's some amazing business sense.

shouck said,
So, if they charge 60% more, but lose, say, 30% of their members... They'll still be ahead in this whole deal? That's some amazing business sense.
Go ahead and do the math on that one.
x = # subscribers old plan, y = # subscribers with dvd/stream, z = # with one service
X($9.95) > or < or= Y(15.95) - Z(8.95) or something like that.

Rohdekill said,
I dropped mine down to stream only. Red Box is my new movie source now.

I dropped streaming. network no where near fast enough to make the price worthy of any $$ went back to blu ray