Final Fantasy VII PC re-release launched and pulled

In July, Square Enix confirmed it would re-release Final Fantasy VII, perhaps the best known of the single player games in the long running RPG series, for the PC. This weekend, a few people were able to download the game but Square Enix quickly pulled the game from circulation with no explanation.

As reported by Joystiq, the game was available to download on Square Enix's website for a few hours on Saturday night before being pulled. Even for those few gamers who downloaded and purchased the game, they found that they could not get the game to run, due to an issue with its SecuROM DRM set up.

It looks like Square Enix had basically jumped the gun a little bit, before the game was ready to be made available to the general public. We will give you an update on when the publisher makes its Final Fantasy VII re-release official.

The new version will have a number of new features, including being able to unlock 36 achievements, a cloud-based save game feature and, more curiously, a Character Booster feature that will let players max out their character stats. It's currently unknown how this feature will be incorporated into the final game.

Source: Joystiq

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At least they had the goodwill to give full refunds AND a promise of a full download to all the ultra fans who squeaked in an order!

soldier1st said,

Xbox has DRM, but they don't tell you.

xbox has drm, but it does not mess up my day so i don't care... it's not about principle, it's about comfort

Square Enix is re-releasing the most overrated game in history. Well, whatever draws cash, I guess. Good luck with the DRM.

FrozenEclipse said,
Square Enix is re-releasing the most overrated game in history. Well, whatever draws cash, I guess. Good luck with the DRM.

The game was not overrated. it was just perfect. I'm sorry you don't see that.

soldier1st said,
DRM ruins anything and everything it touches. Companies still haven't learned yet.

Have never had a problem with any DRM on any game I have. Gamers have to complain about something. If it was not DRM there would be something else about the game to complain about. And yes I know that DRM does not stop piracy but it also does not prevent the game from being played in full with no problems at all.

ir0nw0lf said,
An issue with the DRM... Shocking!

I fail to understand why companies ruin such amazing releases with DRM......