Final version of Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector released

Even as Windows Phone 7 smartphone owners await the upcoming release of the massive "Mango" update to the mobile phone operating system, current owners of WP7 phones have a new software download that will allow users to link up to their home server. The Windows Home Server blog site has posted up word that Microsoft has now released the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector. The new service, which was previously sent out as a release candidate earlier this year, works with home servers that have the Windows Home Server 2011 operating software installed. It requires both a download for the server OS as well as an app for the phone which can be found on the online Zune Marketplace.

Once both applications are installed, you can set up your Windows Phone 7 smartphone to access and view any media files like pictures, audio or video that are stored remotely on your home server. You can also use your smartphone to manage things on the Windows Home Server such as setting up times for backing up files, manage the number of users that can access the server and more.

Obviously this new feature will have a fairly limited audience since there are only a few Windows Phone 7 owners at the moment and there are also only a few users who have a Windows Home Server based server set up at their house. Still, it's nice that Microsoft has decided to give WP7 owners some extra features ahead of the launch of the "Mango" update. The next major version of the phone OS may be released sometime in August or September.

Image via Microsoft

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Does this only work via WiFi?

Would be handy if the notifications worked while out and about...

*Downloading now* Just in time for my new Home Server as well

This seems nice (And I've been wanting a Home Server for a while now), but it would be nice if this supported all Windows Server versions... Since you have to install software on the server anyway to get it to work, I see no reason why it shouldn't... And also, it would be nice to be able to manage multiple servers...

Also, can anyone tell me if the app requires a password or anything to open?


It's too bad that at the moment, this app doesn't support WP7 Mango's backgrounding API's and doesn't integrate it's music playback with the OS (eg., nothing shows up when you change volume on the device). Until such time as it does take advantage of the new APIs in Mango, this release isn't hugely useful from a media playback point-of-view.

Which is a big weak spot imo. They really need to focus on better remote integration with WMP, no 'server' product required. It seems silly that I can stream a movie over the net from my Win7 box but can't access pics or stream audio on my phone.

I've heard that it's a nice app. Too bad I don't have a Windows Home Server, though.

*Starts setting up a Windows Home Server*

PlogCF said,
I've heard that it's a nice app. Too bad I don't have a Windows Home Server, though.

*Starts setting up a Windows Home Server*

I've been planning a Home Server 2011 box for my home to manage my media and backups. With luck, I will be running it by the end of the year

Wish they released something similar for SBS

Not full SBS unfortunately - just the toned down Essentials versions. Shame really.

LauRoman said,
Man, that name's longer then the interface.

First thing that came to mind: "They need to do something about their naming schemeā€¦"

LauRoman said,
Man, that name's longer then the interface.
I'm surprised the name wasn't "Windows Home Server Solutions Connector for Windows Phone 7 Series-based phones".