Fired for a bad game review?

A SENIOR HACK working for the C|Net affiliated gamer's website Gamespot apparently has been fired for panning a game marketed by a major advertiser.

Reportedly Gamespot Editorial Director Jeff Gerstmann was summarily fired because game publisher Eidos didn't like his negative review of its first-person shooter game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

Gerstmann's text review of the game gave it a score of only 6 out of 10, but it seems his video review was even more direct, criticising it for, among other failings, "impossible to like" characters, a "lazy script" and excessive profanity.

News source: Inquirer
Video: Jeff Gerstmann Review of Kane & Lynch

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And this is why I visit Metacritic, as it gives a good idea of what the overall quality of a game is, even when you factor one or two completely different reviews from the rest.

I've stopped visiting Gamespot for their reviews for a while now because they always seemed a bit biased. Now I have proof.

THIS is why I NEVER trust reviews! Money can buy anything in the world, especially good reviews. Cross that line and we see what happens.

The reviewer stuck to his guns and deserves mad props, though he doesn't have a case against GameSpot.

GameSpot is obviously corrupt and thus justifies my previous course of never going to their site or listening to them.

A rule of thumb: When a critic receives revenue from the very group it criticizes, they cannot be trusted.

I only take reviews from independent gamers like myself who play and review the very games they chose and paid for.

good point goatsniffer ;)

you said... "I only take reviews from independent gamers like myself who play and review the very games they chose and paid for."

thats becoming more and more true nowadays when game reviews are basically being paid off to get good "reviews". so you cant trust them for the most part now.

Freedom of speech implies a public forum. You do not have the automatic right to free speech on private property or when communicating in lieu of a third party, i.e.: your employer. What GameSpot has sacrificed is objectivity. I will not trust any of their reviews anymore if this is true.

According to multiple sources, the reviewers at GS generally check each others' work. So certainly it was checked several times by his peers before it was published.

Masterp said,
The game had promise but after playing it, it's bad. Not awful but bad.

No, it's awful. I tried to give it more than a chance. After many hours of dealing with it's glitches and poor design. I brought it back to the friend I borrowed it from --- with my condolences. There is one part where you are playing multiplayer where it tells you, in the corner, to "Grap" something. Good god. Plus, the clipping, bad collision, etc., is all there. Whoever tested this game should be the one who gets fired, not Jeff for giving an honest review.

But, this trend of the paid review has been going on for a long time. Movie reviewers (like Roger Ebert) have their palms greased to make positive reviews. IGN let slip on one of their podcasts that they get pressure from their superiors to give prominent advertisers positive reviews.

Trust users (mostly), and not these paid reviewers on websites.

Gamespot sold their soul... They should know that they can't sacrifice credibility for dollars. That doesn't do their longterm survival well...

I'll get my reviews from Amazon instead

That's why I don't put any value to reviews, especially not from such big wigs. I don't need to read opinions that were paid for.

all i got to say is that what he says (form what i have heard) is that most of actually true... compared to whats on offer this end of year the game wont sell for well...

GameSpot needs to come clean and tell us exactly why he was fired. If they do not, then people will continue to assume it was under pressure from Eidos, and it will ruin their reputation.

Good thing i downloaded the game... :P

what da hell is that, instead of firing people for giving bad review they should make good games that worth the money.
I didnt buy the game just because the bad review and good for that. But now since everyone will be scared of getting fired most likely all games will get good reviews so i will have to download illegal copies to test them and if they are good buy them.

I hate when big companies do whatever they like, we should come up with an open source game that no one can control, lol.

If we as views are not careful this could be a major point for all sites like this. if gamespot get away with this other site will look at this as an oprtunity that they can do the same or even they are already. eather why it will let then know we dont care enough and that they could do it more and even blantly obvously. the only way to stop this and set a standered is to boycot gamespot. and anyoen who is already a subscriber cancel there account and go eles where even for a few months.

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