Firefall cinematic trailer gives game's backstory

Red 5 Studios has been working on Firefall for a long time even before the free-to-play multiplayer shooter was finally revealed in September 2010. Today, the developer released the game's 'intro cinematic' trailer which also serves as a way to introduce the game's backstory to its players.

The trailer shows the launch of Earth's first faster-than-light spaceship, the Arclight, in the far future. Actually, the ship doesn't achieve faster-than-light travel. In fact, the trailer shows that the Arclight encounters a very serious technical problem and crashes into the Earth. The ship also somehow created a tear in the space-time continuum that transforms the entire planet and its inhabitants.

The game's detailed backstory comes in part from well known sci-fi author Orson Scott Card. Firefall itself is a mix of first-person shooter and massively multiplayer game genres where players don power suits called Battleframes and engage in combat against a race of aliens that have also come through the tear in space.

Firefall has been in closed beta for a while and still looks very promising. Red 5 Studios has yet to announce when the game will officially launch but it should happen sometime before the end of 2012.

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I'm absolutely loving the beta so far. And considering it's a real beta and not some pay to enter beta, it's even more impressive. Tons of stuff they have to work on, but super fun.

Also, awesome trailer. Except the giant space ship crashing into the planet like that...