Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 Scheduled for This Week

As anticipated for some while, Mozilla is expected to release the first alpha of Firefox 2.0 for public testing according to today's status meeting minutes.  Expected changes include among other new updates, Places infrastructure (performance, stability, toolbar drag & drop), Extension Blacklisting, Search Plugin Format Changeover, and Spell-As-You-Type (english only).  This release should follow within three to four days.

News source: Digg

News source: Mozilla

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At this point, it's not even ready for alpha testing. What they have to realize is that a lot of people will wind up using this simply because it's an official build from them released to the public at large. As someone who's been building places builds, I know they are shakey, at best, and this isn't going to help the cause. They really should delay a week or two until they iron out the bugs and get features back in like live bookmarks and such.

Places is the new history/bookmarks implementation that is designed to enhance upon the previous system by making things easier to access for the end user.