Firefox Browser Makes Headway in Europe

XiTi Monitor, a Web analytics company based in France, reported that the numbers for Mozilla Firefox use among Europeans increased from 19.4% in April 2006 to 24.1% in March 2007. The company draws its data from visitors to Web sites using its analytics service, which collects data such as the visitor's browser and location, said Anne-Laure Benzimera, communications manager for XiTi Monitor. According to Gary Barnett, a research director at Ovum PLC, the numbers coincide with other industry figures for Firefox gains in Europe.

XiTi Monitor's average for Firefox use worldwide is about 16.8%. XiTi found a very high use of Firefox in Slovenia, at 44.5%, and Finland, at 41.3%. Croatia, Germany and Slovakia exceeded 35%. Firefox's lowest numbers came from Andorra, at 13.2%, followed by the Netherlands, 13.3%; Denmark, 13.8%; and Italy, 15.5%, XiTi said. For March, Net Applications reported Firefox had 15.1% of the market, up from 14.2% in February and 13.7% in January.

News source: PC World

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Firefox Plugin ( fix ) for WMP released by MS

I've been waiting for a fix to this WMP bug for ages and finally they did it by means of an update xD

Basically the problem was sites like when viewing WMV-HD content the video size would not be the correct size, it would attempt to play it as if it were being played in a player window not a browser integrated window so you got incorrect video scaling as shown in Fig:1


The fix gives you Fig:2


The plugin is available at the Mozilla Update Page and is sourced from PC World Online