Firefox Home for the iPhone now available

Mozilla's first iPhone application, Firefox Home, is now available in the iTunes app store after making it through Apple's application approval process.

The free application (iTunes link), which allows users to view their Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on the iPhone, signals Mozilla's first foray into the world of iOS applications. The app has been in development since last year and was first submitted to Apple for approval last month, on June 30.

To use the application, users are required to install Firefox Sync, a free add-on for the desktop editions of Firefox that will synchronize the user's web history, bookmarks and open tabs with the "cloud". Once installed, users will be prompted to create a Firefox Sync account that can be used to login to the iPhone app. Mozilla provide more detailed setup instructions here.

One thing should be made clear - the application isn't a version of Mozilla's popular web browser, Firefox, for the iPhone. While you can browse websites in-application, Mozilla uses Apple's WebKit API instead of it's own technology. Mozilla insists it has no plans to make such an app -- despite the recent approval of Opera's own web browser -- because of "constraints with the OS environment and distribution."

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I think it is useless only to people who don't care about having access to all of there bookmarks.

I might like their Tab over the limited 8 page open at a time that Apple allows under normal Safari operation.

This app perhaps give me a reason to sign up to their synch service now.

I will check it out the least...

Sweet , im gonna make babies with its help & then gonna give my eldest daughter to Lord Jobs as a gift so that he can ravage her !!!!!!!

No Seriously ........... Useless

When browsing with the app it's identified as Mozilla 5? It's using WebKit, right?

It's a handy app but I'm not sure how often I'll actually use it.

You must be at least 17 years old to download this application
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TokyoKiller said,
You have 1 bars. You must be holding it wrong.

If you're going to try to use that to be funny, it needs to be in an original context. Otherwise, please don't bother.

I would use this.
How many times have I viewed sites on my desktop, then want to look at them again while on the go? or talking to a friend at lunch about a blog post and want to give them the URL?

the down side is that now I use Chrome as my default browser :-( but I'll give it a try

No thanks. If I need to sync bookmarks, then Opera Mobile already does this for me. All within an actual browser too. No need to download any extra software anywhere either.

schiz-o-phren-ic said,
No thanks. If I need to sync bookmarks, then Opera Mobile already does this for me. All within an actual browser too. No need to download any extra software anywhere either.

In the next version the addon will be built in. Since Firefox doesn't support the tool currently they made an addon.

lordcanti86 said,

Bookmark + tab + history sync with Firefox for the iPhone.

Holy ****, that tab UI design of theirs is awkward. A tab to view the tabs? Why not just let the user flick through the open tabs in Firefox like tabs are navigated in Safari Mobile?

Since iTunes doesn't allow you to sync bookmarks from Firefox, this is helpful to those that want those bookmarks without having to copy them to IE and then sync them to their iPhone's. Other than that, useless.