Firefox Personas: Real-time Customization

Mozilla is working on an extension to its open source browser that improves the theming experience for both users and developers. Personas for Firefox allows the creation of themes without any coding, and lets users apply themes instantly. In other words, a user never has to download or install anything, nor do designers have to release any software updates when they update their Personas. A team over at Mozilla Labs has released an updated (there was an earlier one released in May) prototype version in which “the Persona selector is dynamically loaded and populated from a JSON feed and all designs are loaded via URLs to remote resources". Themers will soon be able to submit Personas that are based on Web content, including support for anything that can load in a content window, thanks to an API that is in the works.

Download: Personas Prototype
News source: Mozilla Labs

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I'm loving some of these, especially the Foxkeh ones. :)
It makes the default theme look nicer. I can't say I enjoy the memory usage though... After approximately five minutes, my usage was 98M, compared to the normal 83M. o_O

Still... Foxkeh's soooooo cute!

Good idea, however if the themes had some subtlety to them it would be infinitely better. All that there is at the minute are themes that either insult the eyes or look more like cropped desktop wallpapers. On top of that, I had to lose my theme (which I've used for 3 years now) in order to use it.

Real-time customization is quite nice. I hope a mere change of some bar's background is just the start though. I just had flashbacks of customizing Windows 98 back in the day when it was cool to have snazzy backgrounds on Explorer tool bars.

I never understood it... why does everyone have to bash a product they don't find useful or helpful... there are people out there who enjoy things like this!

It's incredible! Every single wannabe for Firefox already is for Opera.

I'm stuck into Firefox because of extensions, and just because of that. Opera has more features, is far more skinable, eats less system resources...

Eh, I like Opera for its quick response and small resource usage. Features I dunno. And I've checked out the skins before and bleh. A lot of them look fugly.

P-lease, spend time sorting out memory leaks, don't mess about with eye candy! The computer is primarily a tool. People spend $2000 on a new laptop, configure all the nonsense then wonder why they have performance issues!

Very nice. I like it! Being able to change basic parts of a theme without re-applying. I do like it. It'd be cool to if in the future, you can go to a web page and have your browser colorize to blend in... I like this... tis a cool idea.

You up there may claim it's a rip off - but it works, it's fast, and it isn't spyware. Meh, I suppose it depends on the person. Those of us who want our ultra customization will hate it - the rest of us will use it!

I actually love it. I love the niagara one. very very nice mozilla. A nice touch. HEY!! if its possible....a option to adust opacity is all that is needed.

this is nice, but doesnt seem as powerful as full out re-skinning firefox its like what you used to be able to do in IE with customizing the background of the toolbar etc.

got mine working pure sweetness although id like to see them add the feature where it would switch themes in time set intervals at least with this you dont have to restart firefox...