Firewall App Blocker 1.3

Managing programs that access the internet using Windows Firewall requires several steps, Firewall App Blocker allows users to quickly block or unblock applications from accessing the internet. Simply drag and drop an application to the interface or use the handy "Add Files" feature.

Once an application is added, it will no longer have access to the internet. Should you decide to allow the application access to the internet, simply delete the entry.

Firewall App Blocker does not require installation, simply unzip the archive and run the .exe file.

What's new in Firewall App Blocker 1.3:

  • FIXED: Drag and Drop doesnt work properly
  • FIXED: After adding 10 + Application RAM usage is starting to rise
  • FIXED: Some minor BUGS
  • FIXED: Firewall App blocker (Fab) uses only Outbound Rules (not Inbound)
  • ADDED: Export – Import Feture
  • ADDED: Cmd Support
  • ADDED: Reset Firewall Settings
  • Re-coded
  • New design

Download: Firewall App Blocker 1.3 | 388 KB (Freeware)
View: Firewall App Blocker Website | Source

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There lies the biggest fault of application development anti-patterns for all platforms: a simple enough program (and useful), but somebody had the brightest idea those default Windows buttons ain't gonna cut it - gotta have some overdesigned blue bar of bullcrap right there.

It's a shame devs take this kind of decisions after coding a useful app. I guess it's not their fault alone, because I've seen programming teachers encourage the use of ugly icons or controls like the buttons in this app. When I was in college I even got taken my programming score a point or so down because I didn't use any other control in an exam but the standard on Windows

On topic, I will give this app a try. I use Kaspersky Internet Security but in some computers this may come in handy.