First $100 laptops to roll out this year

The first $100 laptop PCs for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program will roll off production lines by the end of this year, and mass production will start in the first quarter of 2007, Quanta Computer said Tuesday. The Taiwanese company, the largest contract notebook PC manufacturer in the world, had previously estimated it would begin mass production of the low-cost laptops in the second quarter of next year.

The company expects to ship 5 million to 10 million of the laptops next year, and said orders to Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Nigeria, and Thailand have already been confirmed.

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News source: InfoWorld

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Quote - Moe Szyslak said @ #8
Whos making them? FisherPrice?
ROFL yeah it loks like it. its designed for like 3-9 year olds though

I want one too :D
But i also know a couple of kids who could use these. So if it really is for 100USD, then i suppose i will buy 3-4 of them.

Yeah, that image in there is, like, 163 pixels tall! There is no way that the PC could display such a high-res image.

Oh, wait. It has 1200 x 900 (monochrome mode) resolution. In RGB mode, that would be 1/3 less, as the pixels are then colored, one each for the three colors that make up a standard color display.

So, I don't think that the 163-pixel tall image would be a problem.

Nice to see that production will actually begin, when so many thought this was a pipe dream.

Of course, the first batch will cost over $100. I think I read somewhere that the per-unit cost was expected to be $100 in 2008, and the price would be lower after that (due to production volume and initial capital expenses/investements).