First batch of BlizzCon 2011 tickets sold out

If you managed to buy a ticket or two to BlizzCon 2011 today, consider yourself lucky. The first batch of tickets for Blizzard's annual fan event sold out quickly. After going on sale at 1 pm Eastern time earlier today the tickets disappeared in a matter of minutes. The World of Warcraft fan site WoW Insider reported today, "Whether or not you're getting a BlizzCon ticket today was a matter of one single second." It also reported that online queue were as deep as 15,000 people at one point and that less that 4,000 ticket transactions were actually accomplished.

However if you still want to physically attend the event on October 21 and 22 at the Anahaim (CA) Convention Center you still have one more chance to get tickets. Blizzard will have a second and final batch of BlizzCon 2011 available for sale on Wednesday, May 25. The sale begins at 10 pm Eastern time at the official BlizzCon web site which means that most folks in the US won't have to buy the tickets while they are still at work. Tickets are $175 each for this year's event.

The event itself is Blizzard's big annual part and salute to the fans of its many PC game franchises such as the successful fantasy MMO World of Warcraft. Blizzard will likely reveal the first info about the game's fourth commercial expansion pack during BlizzCon 2011. It will also likely give fans a chance to check out a playable version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the first expansion pack for the RTS game series. However it's likely that there will be lots of news about Diablo III, the long awaited third game in the action-RPG series. Blizzard has already said it wants to start closed beta testing in the third quarter of 2011 and the game itself might actually be released before the end of the year, although Blizzard's official stance is "when it's done."

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Solarize said,
$175... Hmm so next year its gona get up to $200? $50 for the virtual tickets... blizzards on a money spree.

TBH the demand for the tickets is so high they're probably under priced. :\

Baked said,
D3 fest for sure....hurry up we've waited long enough!
I would not doubt if the beta has been done for a few months...just waiting to announce it at blizzcon.

Baked said,
D3 fest for sure....hurry up we've waited long enough!

yeah, we have waited, thats how they didn't care about people, since they had WoW, they knew no matter how long they took like they did with SC2 or D3, people still would buy it.
but i bet they will show D3 and say "beta", maybe i would get it in the end, or just keep playing what i think is better after years of playing D2.

I guess it's just one of those things that you should experience at least once in your life. I can imagine the event getting better by the year. Personally, I don't see myself spending that much money for a two-day event ($87.50 USD per day).