First BlackBerry 10 device may be announced in August

Few would argue that 2011 was RIM’s 'annus horribilis', and 2012 hasn’t exactly been great so far either. But whatever horrors have unfolded in the company’s recent past, Research In Motion is keen to look forward to what it hopes will be a better future.

Perhaps the most important component of this will be the arrival of its next-generation devices, running its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The launch of these new handsets is already months behind schedule – and while RIM fell into a pattern of repeatedly missing its own deadlines under its former management, the company’s current CEO Thorsten Heins is undoubtedly working hard to ensure that the company delivers its crucial new products on time.

Those efforts are indeed paying off, if a report from N4BB is correct. Citing unnamed sources, it claims that RIM will announce its first BlackBerry 10 device in August, before going on sale in the first half of October.

The first BB10 handset will – as widely expected – be touch-only, eschewing the trademark hardware keyboard for which BlackBerrys are famous. But a second BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY keyboard is reportedly scheduled to arrive in Q1 2013.

RIM is aiming to send BB10 handsets to developers as soon as next month, although we don’t yet know if those will be special developer-only handsets, or if they’ll be the same model that will go on sale later this year - a handset we've previously seen in leaks and still known only by its codename, "London".

The company is said to have set aside a substantial marketing budget for the launch of the new product - and given the timeframe for its launch, it will certainly need it.

The new BlackBerry will have to vie for marketplace attention with the arrival of new phone and tablet hardware from Microsoft, with the launch of both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8; many industry observers also anticipate that Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone hardware around the same time (a year after the iPhone 4S launch in October 2011); and it's also believed that Google will be launching the next version of Android (likely to be called 5.0 Jelly Bean), which would no doubt usher in a new wave of hardware on that platform too.

Tough time to launch a new platform, but you never know... RIM may just surprise us all.

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Plug into your laptop with USB or turn on bluetooth and deep sync tasks, notes, calendar, contacts, etc directly with your phone without having to use 3rd party apps - Blackberry are the only ones who do it now that Windows Mobile insists you do it via the "cloud".

Blackberry is a great phone, love my 9860. Just a pity RIM lost their forward vision for a number of years, really shot themselves in the foot, will be great if BB10 is a success - we could use more competition and innovation philosophies in the market.

FoxieFoxie said,
Unless they ditch it for Windows Phone, I don't care

I used to think this but windows phone has been a bit of a flop.. blackberry 10 could easily catch up to windows phone market share if they have a mediocre first year. I personally love windows phone but every time news of nokia failing super hard and windows phone barely being able to hold onto 1 percent of the market I look towards blackberry 10.

TruckWEB said,
I like my Playbook, for the price, nothing else come close. People should check it out BEFORE having blind hate at RIM.

So people should like it, for the price?

FarCry3r said,

So people should like it, for the price?

I'm an Apple fan and acknowledge that the Playbook is decent.

Might grab a PB sometime for tinkering.


FarCry3r said,

So people should like it, for the price?

LOL yes... Thats like saying that I will never buy a Ford for the rest of my life because of BMW... Ford is really great for the price you pay..

Think of it this way.. get a playbook and install 300 dollars of apps on it and it is as good at the ipad.. and it will be the exact same price then..

QNX is really nice. People should at least give it a chance but most just have blind hate and throw insults.

Apparently less competition is what everyone wants.

Qnix COULD have been nice. But they lost their top-drawer multimedia coder years ago because of stupid internal politics between the two incompetent CEOs and that stopped Qnix being a real competitor in this space.