First clip from Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs movie is in a parking deck

The world premiere of "jOBS," the independent biopic that tells the story of the early days of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is scheduled for later this week at the Sundance Film Festival. Now, the first public footage of the movie has been released.

The clip, which premiered on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday and was later uploaded to YouTube, shows actor Ashton Kutcher as the late Jobs in argument with Apple's other co-founder Steve Wozniak, played by Josh Gad. The chat takes place in the parking garage of HP, where both Jobs and Wozniak first met in 1970.

The clip shows Jobs arguing with Wozniak over the use of Wozniak's "operating system" which Jobs says will give PC programmers "freedom" to do what they want. Wozniak doesn't appear to be convinced.

"jOBS" is now slated for an April 19 release in U.S. theaters through Open Road Films. In a interview on the Entertainment Weekly website, Gad states he did a lot of research on his own to portray Wozniak, saying, "You could do the vocal affectations, but what was most important to me was telling the story. It’s telling his version of the story as best I’m able to do it."

Source: YouTube

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lol I was expecting to see and hear Ashton but I actually watched this clip with an open mind as if I didn't know any celebrity.

I want to watch this film now

Why is it called jOBS? That just looks ridiculous. I guess they might be trying to mimic all the "i" stuff as in iOS. I will watch the movie probably not matter what, hard to compare against the "Pirates of SIlicon Valley" movie yet, but think Ashton does a pretty good Steve Jobs, good enough that is.

Why are they making Steve Wozniak look like an nervous dork, and then make Steve Jobs look like a confident believer? What stereo-typical Hollywood bull****.

I suppose no one would watch it if it portrayed the characters accurately... I think I'll prefer this much more if I call it "Kelso Grows Up", actually I'll pretend it's the sequel....

I'll copy pasta what I wrote on MacRumors about this:

"Probably one of those cases where a foreign synchronization might be way better than the original...

That is, if they don't go with the default speakers for the actors involved, but go with people who actually sound like the originals...

That's the problem with those kinds of movies that picture real history...
You might get the looks of people right, but then finding people who look the same and SOUND the same, that's a whole other story... *sigh*

The scene was rather short and only really showed one emotional scene, hence not multiple moments of gestures and mimics, hence I'll reserve my judgment on the acting and the movie in general.

Waiting for a trailer now..."