First gameplay video for Galactic Civilizations III released; alpha access starts Thursday

Stardock first announced plans to release Galactic Civilizations III in October and on Thursday a public alpha version of the space strategy game sequel will be released on Valve's Steam service.

To help promote that event, Stardock has released the first gameplay video from GalCiv III. The two minute clip shows some edited footage of the game being played in this early alpha state, from scouting new star systems to later taking them over by force with a player's star fleets.

This early version of the game won't have a number of features that are scheduled to be added in later versions. For example, ship design and diplomacy have yet to be implemented in the build that will be released Thursday. It will require a Windows PC with 64-bit support to play.

Stardock is still selling access to GalCiv III Founder's Elite Edition for $99.99. For that price, players will not only get to play the alpha edition on Thursday, but they will also get free access to the beta and final versions of the game, along with any DLC and expansion pack content after its launch. There's no word on when the final non-beta version of the game will be released.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock.

Source: Stardock

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ir0nw0lf said,
In before the 32-bit-OS-runners start pissing and whining... :D

Running a 32 bit OS is pretty much as outdated as running Windows XP

There is one - and ONLY one - reason for running a 32-but Windows of ANY sort - old hardware. For your information, GalCiv II has ALWAYS been compatible with x64 flavors of Windows - back to XP64, in fact. So if it's not the productivity software, and its not the games, why run a 32-bit flavor of Windows if at all avoidable? (And if you have an Intel or AMD dual-core - even a Sempron, Turion, or Celeron, it's plenty avoidable.)

It's understandable that diplomacy isn't in the alpha build, but that nixes any reason I would have to want to buy into it. Militaristic victories are basically the last thing I try for most often in these types of strategy games.