First Impulse Weekend Sale is On!

The first ever "Impulse Buy" sale is going on in the  Impulse Store!  Several games are available and you will be able to download them immediately via the Impulse digital distribution system.  Pick up games from the extremely popular Galactic Civilizations series, and the hit game, World of Goo.

It's a chance to pickup some great games and software at an incredible discount.  Don't forget you can also purchase a gift for someone else, and they can download via Impulse, and do not have to wait for a package to arrive!

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Hell World of Goo is only $10.00 at WalMart? It is in there bargain bin as is most of the rest of the Impulse sale items.
Even if these were good deals, witch they are not, it still should not be front page news.

Island Dog said,
You can get Space Rangers 2 for less than $4?

I saw one in a Gamestation on my way home yesturday, I was looking through the oldies section, not sure if they were having a clear out or not but it was in a £2 box.

It just occurred to me that most of these are much cheaper elsewhere. This is just a blatant advert, I recommend you don't buy.