First Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2 Pics

The first pictures of what seems to be the GeForce 9800GX2 have just popped up on the web. We now have a good idea of what the card looks like. We know that the 9800GX2 has 2 printed circuit boards (PCBs), as did the 7950GX2 in its time, two graphics processing units (GPUs) using 65 nm nodes (most likely G92s with 128 stream processors), 1 GB of memory (512 MB for each GPU) and two DVI outputs. We don't know yet if the GeForce 9800GX2, which is supposed to be 30% faster than the 8800 Ultra, will support Quad SLI configurations. The expected price: around $449 US. Expected announcement date: February 14, 2008. (See Tom's site for shots of the card)

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$449 USD = $496 AUD (approx)

This is actually a good thing. The HD3870X2s out here are in the $540 AUD the least.

As much as I'd love to see Crysis do well with everything on the (secret?) Ultra High settings, I'd like to hope that the GX2s would perform well in other areas, like stability and temperature.

I wonder how'd these would fair against two HD3870X2s. If they do better than them, then I might invest in some GX2s instead.

Damn...!!!...seems TOO big...looks like the Evans & Sutherland simFUSION 6000 ,... and the weight...?...two slots...mmhh...
You will need a new case and a powerful PSU... x)

Are they really just two G92's? That means that its not really a "9-series" card, and it isn't fundamentally different from two 8-series cards in SLI. However, I doubt it is a G92.

We won't know for sure until someone post an actual review of that thing, but I'm betting it's essentially two 8800 GT 512 MB cards SLIed together in one package. IF that's the case, I'll wait for an actual 9xxx series GPU card and see how three of those compares to two of these. I'm betting a 9900 GTX tri-SLI rig would beat the pants off two 9800 GX2s in quad-sli. (Not that a 9900 GTX exists yet... but that's what I envision the next roll-out from Nvidia will contain.)

Rule number one of product development: Never give them the best product first.

That cooler might be enough to cool the 8800 GT properly. I don't know how it's going to do with the GX2. Probably those wonderful 90c temps again, that heat up your Northbridge and CPU by 10c.

On Tom's Hardware, I saw one of them with Optical out and was surprised. Does this mean we no longer need sound cards? IMO they should work on drivers first and I want to see how much this will vary from the 8800GT. The 8800 Ultra is not worth the money either so this should make up for it.

It does look pretty ugly. It just looks like something someone didn't put any thought into designing and slapped it together at the last minute.

The opposite directions the DVI connections are facing to each other, looks like they just flipped one card upside down. You would think both dvi connections would be facing the same way.

I see they also had to copy ATI by adding the HDMI.

Don't forget silicon. And copper. They invented those, too.

But seriously... Is that a TOSLINK port I see on that thing? What the heck is that for?

Croquant said,
Don't forget silicon. And copper. They invented those, too.

But seriously... Is that a TOSLINK port I see on that thing? What the heck is that for?

They invented hafnium too.
But anyway, it looks like TOSLINK. :D
Anyone know the exact purpose?
I might as well call ATI/AMD, they probably invented optics, TOSLINK and GeForce too.

Actually, these cards don't fit in my case... so I'll never be getting them (since I am definately not going to change my LianLi case).

30% faster than the 8800 Ultra and only $449??? (drools an ocean)

these things are so huge, i think they'll cover up the fun gizmos on the asus maximus boards

RangerLG said,
Good lord that thing is ugly.

Yeah, I bet you look at them everyday, I bet they ruin your morning every day...

yea I mean WTH? The purpose of this product isn't to be pleasing to your eyes, you want that, by a vase and some flowers.

A 9800GX2.. Woot.. More driver headaches like the 7900GX2.. And these are based on G92.. I will wait for the next chips..

Sorry about that guys, I forgot that Tom checks the referrer when you link directly to pictures (should've checked before approving).