First OLPC laptops make it out the door

After much anticipation and hordes of coverage, the first OLPC ($100 laptops) laptops are being shipped. Only 10 units so far have made it out the door, and are going to be evaluated as beta hardware to see how they function.

Once everything clears, another 900 are planned and will be sent to the OLPC project, for distribution in various parts of the world. The pictures of it make it look quite like a toy, but closer examination reveals a fairly rugged machines with an ample screen, keyboard, touchpad and antennas. Interesting stuff.

News source: TechSpot News

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The OS is GNU/Linux! It is infinitely modifiable! ;)

Don't know how you plan on buying one, as these currently have no plans for commercial/public sales. There have been suggestions floating around to sell them at $300 each to the general public, with $200 of that sale going back to OLPC units for more children. But that has gone nowhere, I believe.

Yeah that's a good idea... let's give starving people with guns something that's worth more than most of them will make in a lifetime. No catalyst for violence or crime there...

You do realize, don't you, that these are going to countries that have things called cities where there are buildings called schools where kids need better education? It's not like these laptops are being thrown out to countires where "high technology" is bronze spears and daggers.

Kids in so-called developed countries get killed on the street for the shoes they wear. The world is not a perfect place, but it doesn't mean that people should try to make things better.

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