First pictures of Microsoft Holiday Stores revealed

Microsoft may have been opening more retail stores over the months in hopes of having places to offer its shiny new Windows RT and Windows 8-based tablets, Surface RT and Surface Pro. However, Microsoft has a temporary way of ensuring its sales even without actual stores.

We've learned recently that “Holiday Stores” is the name Microsoft has given to shopping centers and malls across the US and will traditionally serve as a counter for all your Microsoft purchases and queries until an actual Microsoft retail store opens in your area. In this case; the photos included in this article are from the Holiday Store in St. Louis, Missouri, where two Microsoft kiosks are being used to promote the sales of Microsoft’s newest products.

Judging from the Kiosks, the Surface RT seems to be the main focus of this temporary setup, which is unsurprising as the Pro won't be available until next year.

Source: WPCentral

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Wow. That is.... tiny. I'm surprised they're doing one in Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, CO when we already have one in Park Meadows like 10 minutes away.

I will want to go to one where I can most easily pick up 3 Surfaces and walk out... the Kiosk might be the better way to go!

Mr. Dee said,
I guess they are gonna sell 1 Surface RT per day.

That is ok. Acer, Asus, HP, DELL, Samsung, Lenovo and the others OEM will be selling millions of Windows 8 devices worldwide.

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