First screenshot revealed of VLC for Windows Phone

The VLC media player app for Windows 8 was released earlier this month but the volunteer team at VideoLAN continues to work on updates for the app, along with the promised ports for Windows RT and Windows Phone. Today, a developer on the team posted the first public screenshot of the upcoming VLC Windows Phone app.

The team member, Thomas Nigro, posted the image on his Twitter account this morning. He later posted word that there is still no release date yet for the app but he did say that it will work only on the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 and not on the current Windows Phone 8.0 OS. 

As part of Neowin's recent interview with VideoLAN's President Jean-Baptiste Kempf, he indicated that the team will have a better idea of when the app will be released after Microsoft's BUILD conference in early April, when it is expected that Microsoft will release the public version of the WP8.1 SDK to all developers.

Meanwhile, the Windows 8 VLC app has been updated twice since its launch earlier in March, mostly to fix some crashes; the second update also added Japanese translation support to the app.

Source: Thomas Nigro on Twitter | Image via Thomas Nigro

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And yet it'll probably wind up official on the Windows Phone store before it happens on Android where it's been in beta and inexplicably unavailable to most users.

The first step of getting the app on WP, was to get the app in the Windows store and doing so they had to do a huge cleanup of current sourcecode including supporting libraries.

Second, they need WP 8.1 for a reason - the long rumoured cross-compatibility between WP and Windows 8.1.

Now that they, kinda (SDK is out for some), have both, they can actually start working on the app.

It has nothing to do with "not wanting to support the platform" - previously it simply wasn't realistic to share the codebase between the core VLC app and Windows 8 and WP apps.

This application is horrible, VLC developers should really scrap what they are doing and never attempt it again. No hardware acceleration, subtitles, options or anything remotely useful.

You realise this is just an early screenshot of something that'll be very beta, right? Let them get the basics working first, then the rest can come later.

Or, you know, do better yourself.

_Alexander said,
This application is horrible, VLC developers should really scrap what they are doing and never attempt it again. No hardware acceleration, subtitles, options or anything remotely useful.

I'm sure the developers will be very sad because of your comment and go cry in the corner and abandon the project.

What's far more interesting to me than the release of VLC on Windows Phone is how, given the fact that this will only work on Windows Phone 8.1, there is quite a good chance that the upcoming upgrade will have for a file system that allows for a file to be moved between apps (something which is quite elementary and, yet, is unfortunately missing). Due to this very reason, you don't even see many dedicated video players in the app store because if you're transferring files using the USB cable, then all your files go through the default music and video players and there is not much hope of moving those files anywhere from there. If VLC is spending time on actually coming up with an app, I can only hope that this means there will be a much more direct means of communicating with apps and file transfer.

If WP8.1 brings about a death to the Music+Video app in favour of Xbox Music and Xbox Video (both of which suck) this could be a must have for those who regularly watch video on their phone.

Well the music and video apps are better (and basically the same) as the music+video hub. And it looks like they don't kill it but rather separate it from the OS to update them more frequently

O'raly, because on the inbuilt app I just need to open it press 'play all' and I'm listening to all MY music on MY phone. With XBM it sits their for 10 seconds saying 'signing in' then tells me I need to sign up for an Xbox Music Pass. XBM and XBV have sucked the big one on Win8 since launch and although MS have made a huge amount of improvements both should still be burnt to the ground. Separate apps for music and video are insane to begin with!

anything giving multi format video decoding is fine with me, I'd like to see plex app on xbox one with direct stream and hardware decoding of all formats, Too strong a wish list I thinkl