First Tests: AMD's New Phenom CPU Won't Scare Intel

After months of anticipation, AMD is launching its Phenom desktop processor and "Spider" platform for desktop PCs. Its new Phenom chips feature a native quad-core design, a 65-nanometer manfufacturing process, and enhanced power management technology. But will Phenom and the new motherboards, chip sets, and graphics boards that make up the rest of the Spider platform be enough to put a dent in Intel's recent dominance? We ran a Spider-based system through our PC WorldBench 6 beta 2 benchmark at an AMD event in Lake Tahoe, and came away convinced that AMD still has a lot of work to do.

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Yup I seem to think its about time AMD start matching Intel clock speed for clock speed then maybe AMD might win. who cares if a slower clocked cpu is doing more work than one clocked faster would it not stand to reason then that by upping the clock of the slower CPU would mean it does more work than one from intel at the same speed I'm all for supporting the under dog an all but when that dog starts being a dog then its time for a change

The sad part is that competition-wise, because of the ODMC, Phenom is quite a big larger than C2Q and so AMD will see less yield and profit margins on chips they are forced to sell at lower prices. Basically those who choose to buy the inferior product and support the underdog will actually hurt AMD as they support them.

I guess Intel was right about SOI and the ODMC. The SOI sauce at 65nm is affecting yields negatively and certainly doesn't look to be helping with power consumption. Surprisingly Phenom also uses more power than the equivalently clocked C2Q (which also handily outperforms the Phenom).

This sucks for pricing. I was hoping that AMD could at least come close to Intel so pricing would stay somewhat stable. If Intel does not have any competition then they will go back to the old days of high prices for the chips. I am afraid the same is going to happen with graphics cards. Nvidia is crushing ATI and this is why we are seeing a lag in the next generation of GPUs. A lack of competition is not good for us consumers.

winmoose said,
Yeah, every time AMD has had an inferior chip, they always end up selling them very cheaply.

Well, people are hardly gonna pay more for an inferior product, are they?

No price war guys. Intel has said it's sticking to it's margens and not lowering prices. with a 3.2Ghz quad ready, I don't see why they even have to bother.

And that's just the tip of it. tests have shown that the new 45nm quads can go up to 4Ghz if Intel feels they have to push higher. Until AMD can get up to 3Ghz though, Intel will just sit back and take in the money.