First tiny glimpse of upcoming Microsoft Windows Gift Card leaked

A few weeks ago, we discovered that Amazon was taking pre-orders for a previously unannounced Microsoft Windows Gift Card, with a launch date of October 18th, which is also when Windows 8.1 launches. Now a leak of what looks like a sales slide meant to help stores sell the card has been leaked, which includes the first tiny image of what the card itself looks like.

The slide was posted up on the Nawzil Twitter account, and describes how the gift card can be used to purchase apps, video and music from the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and the Xbox Stores.  A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft activated the gift card code option for purchasing items in Windows 8.

The slide said that the gift cards will be made available in $10, $25 and $50 versions. Here's an extreme, if blurry, close up of the slide that shows the design of the Microsoft Windows Gift Card

So far, Microsoft has not officially announced any plans to launch these new gift cards, even though Neowin has sent emails to the company's PR contacts asking for more information. Hopefully we will learn more about the cards, including which retailers will sell them, in the near future.

Source: Nawzil8 on Twitter | Image via Nawsil8

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Since all the stores now use the same account (MS account = Xbox Live account etc) and they're all on real money, no more points, these are the next logical step and better as gifts since you can use them on all 3 stores. In another year or two when WP and Windows share the same store, maybe with some of the same apps in the Xbox Store, then it'll get really interesting.

That's typical for Microsoft. Just when they are about to release another version of Windows with an updated Store icon they will also sell gift card with the old logo on it.

It could simply be an initial mockup they did for the slide so that there was something to look at. instead of a giant wall of text.

kayzee said,

No, that is the very old icon in the consumer preview of 8.0. They changed the icon in 8.1 very slightly. Not a significant change and in my opinion not necessary. But it just shows that Microsoft's different teams still don't work together.

Another example is that the new Surface 2 ads are showing the preview version of 8.1 instead of the final version with changed tile colors.