First version of Google Glasses won't look like demo

In a visit with Google, reporters from CNET learned that the company's Google Glasses project will not function exactly like the augmented reality displayed in the original demonstration video, at least to start out.

The project was originally announced at the beginning of April, accompanied by a video showing off an impressive mock demonstration of the concept in action, with lots of visual overlays filled with all sorts of information and interactive elements.

However, the interface has since been changed to show information above the wearer's usual line of sight, instead of directly on top of whatever the user is looking at. According to a Google spokesperson, the information will be displayed "about where the edge of an umbrella might be.

"It's still too early to know what the functions and UI will be," a Google employee told CNET reporter Rafe Needleman, though the employee went on to say that the included functions will be the "simple interactions that are making people the most excited." A confirmed inclusion is photo sharing, as Google X Lab founder Sebastian Thrun has already been posting photos from his Google Glasses on the team's Google+ page.

CNET reports that even though Google Glasses have made public appearances as worn by Google employees, it will probably be a while before the public can try them on. Even Needleman was not allowed to wear them during CNET's visit.

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I believe they'll get to a feature set close to the concept video, but anyone who thinks that will be this year, or maybe even next, is only kidding themselves.

Google went on a dreamy trip with the demo, none of those features will be available for quite some time, and today I think they would not be of any use what so ever.

Melfster said,
Google basically Lied about they built.

It's always a good idea to show what it could be and then try to target that. Sometimes they make it sometimes they don't. They are not the first and will not be the last company to show off a mockup version of a product and end up releasing something else.

Melfster said,
Google basically Lied about they built.

You realize the Google Glasses video was a concept demo and not and advertisement for a complete and released product, right?

Melfster said,
Google basically Lied about they built.

To lie, one must actually lie. When did Google ever say that they were going to sell it? Never.

It's a start, anyway.

The most confusing thing about the demo for me was how it had an interior map of the bookstore. That specific bookstore. Yeah, that'll be a ways off.