Fitbit is coming to Windows Phone 8.1

Pinterest finally came to Windows Phone this week, filling in yet another gap in the WP Store line-up. Another gap that will soon be plugged is Fitbit, which has confirmed that it is working on app for the OS. The company makes wearable devices designed for fitness tracking, health management and sleep monitoring, and its wristbands are hugely popular. 

As WPCentral reports, Fitbit confirmed to its user community that it is, at long last, preparing to make its way to Windows Phone. In a post on its forums (registration required), the company said: "Fitbit is developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1. Thank you for all your feedback and support!" 

Like many companies offering similar devices, Fitbit's mobile apps have only been made available on iOS and Android. In the early days of the products, the mobile apps synchronised data from the user's web account, rather than connecting a handset directly to the wristband, but Bluetooth support was later added which allowed the wearables to share data straight to the devices.

Fitbit said in February 2013 that it was "working on a compatible app" for Windows Phone, adding that its release was expected "to be soon". However, limitations in Windows Phone made the release of its app impractical until Microsoft brought limited Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) support to the OS with WP8 Update 3.

At that stage, while the OS supported it, it still relied heavily on OEM firmware to implement it. But with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has baked Bluetooth 4.0 LE far deeper into the OS, including integration in the SDK, making development and long-term support much easier for companies like Fitbit. 

There's no information yet on exactly when Fitbit plans to launch its new app, but be sure to follow us on Twitter @NeowinFeed so we can let you know when it's available!

Source: Fitbit forums / WPCentral | image via Fitbit

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"with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has baked Bluetooth 4.0 LE far deeper into the OS"

is that the reason, why MS removed the BT 4.0 LE since the first release of WP 8.1 developer preview, and didnt add it back during the 3 following updates as well?

I have 8.1 dev preview. how do you tell whether it has it or not? I think the last update that happened yesterday gave phone 8.1 the ability to connect to fitbit.

Maybe somebody who has any LE-type of device and applied on the phone the yesterday WP8.1 DP will be so kind to test it and share his experiences in one of the forums (for example here).
Otherwise, due to the stupid MS practice (useless changelog without any specifics, only "some improvements here and there" BS) we cannot know for sure w.t.f has happened regarding this kind of functionality.

The OS supports it, now you need your phone's firmware to support it. No phone manufacturer has released their new firmware yet for older phones. Wait till WP8.1 actually is released, not just the DEVELOPER PREVIEW.